Few questions about Morphological antialiasing

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    since i'm new in amd gpu world and it's driver software i would like to know few things about morphological antialiasing option in radeon software. my questions are:

    1. is morphological antialiasing similar to FXAA we have in nivida control panel or not?

    2. if set antialiasing to "use application setting" and enable morphological antialiasing, will it work? or i need to select "enhance/override application setting" in order to make it work?

    3. having in mind that my apu is ryzen 5 3350g, should i use (enable) morphological antialiasing in the first place or not, is it too much of a performance hit for this apu?

    thanks in advance!
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    I can just tell you from my experience using MLAA, i have always turned it on. When i was using smaller monitors and older gpus, i notice when i turned it on my text, etc will become slightly burry and games will do the same. As i upgraded my monitor, gpu, i notice it works like it should, you can tell its enable and performance is perfect, no lag, no stuttering, no fps drops or anything and it makes things look better.

    I don't know anything about amd cpus, i have always use intel xeons. I uploaded two photos on how i have my setup and how i play doom. My advice, just play around with it in games and see how it works out (fps lost, etc).

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    It works only in dx9?

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