Far Cry 5 has just received a graphical upgrade with a HR Texture pack

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Sep 28, 2018.

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    It's stuff like this that makes me feel like I should always wait a year from initial release of the game to get the full "proper" game. I've completed it now though so this update is fairly useless to me.

    Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the game and feel like I got my moneys worth. I just feel a little cheated by the what is pretty much the norm these days, of releasing a game and then slowly over the next 12 months, adding content and features and HR Texture packs, etc and making the game what it should've been at launch.
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    This is only a problem when you buy AAA titles when they're still new. This is also why I only buy such games when their official price gets permanently dropped below $60; usually by the time that happens, the devs/publisher is done working on it.
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  4. Kaleid

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    They need to be faster with this stuff, not many cares at this time anymore.

  5. StewieTech

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    Lots of people havent played the game so this is a good thing. I for one appreciate this, it means i will have HR textures when i try the game. Long term support is nice.
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    Its nothing wrong with that, because i will enjoy the game more, if its polished much as possible. On top of that, all Ubisoft games now are very simmilar to each other, open world grindfest. I like them, but not for the full price, and a good game will stay good even after a year or two, so whats the rush?
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    Nowadays i buy 90% of my games after they already had a 50% price cut so normally i can get most of the goodies added after the release but for those who buy the game at release this really leaves a sour taste... It´s like the most loyal clients are being punished for being loyal in the first place...
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    I liked the graphics but Gameplay is same old from far cry 1 to 5.So i quit after few hours of play
  9. angelgraves13

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    so how does one enable the HR textures? I don't see a setting for it in the game.
  10. RooiKreef

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    It’s funny how developers will add HD texture packs months after the game was released and most people already played through the entire game... Why do something twice (lower res and then the high res) if you could just do the high res textures from the start??? I suppose time is of the essence when these developers make the games, so they don’t spend all the time refining HD textures from the start... Maybe I’m looking at it all wrong, but to me personally it just looks like double work at the end of the day... And double work means more money on a half job at the beginning...

  11. JonasBeckman

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    For the Steam version? It looks like they forgot to link it up so it's unavailable for now but on UPlay you can toggle it on in the DLC menu and it will download as a separate install from 1.11 itself. :)
    For Steam nothing to do but wait until they fix that, should be a toggle for it in the game options or maybe a additional quality level for the texture preset itself but it needs the files first.

    Should be this I think?


    Either it's up on the DLC list for the game and you download it from there or you can use the properties section in the Steam client for the game and tick the texture pack from there to download.

    But first Ubisoft needs to fix it for the Steam version if that's what you are using.
  12. goat1

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    No, the 1st one was the best by far. It was the same from 2-5..
  13. Dragam1337

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    I am willing to bet ubisoft did this intentionally, to make their uplay crap more tempting...
  14. Dimitrios1983

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    If they were smart they would patch and add SSE4.1 or 4.2 or whatever it is for older CPU's. It's been proven that Phenoms can run that game since other games use the same engine. Damn even other companies added the patch and the CPU runs fine on them.
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  15. Babel-17

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    There's psychology involved in why the textures came after the game's release. The game was considered qood looking enough to get reviewed as being gorgeous on its maximum settings. So then potential buyers look at their video cards, and the resolution of their monitor, and say "I can has Maximum beauty", and plunk down their money.

    Had these textures been available, the reviews would have said basically the same thing "It's gorgeous!" but then included the caveat about the hardware you'd need. Now that same person I mentioned above would be saying "Bah, poorly optimized crap! I can not has Maximum beauty!".

    I exaggerate for effect, and there actually is a way to market a game that can't be maxed out even on the expensive, current, hardware that people have, but this game's publishers had their strategy for selling it worked out well ahead of the game's release. And that means they had certain system requirements in mind.

    Releasing higher quality textures after a games release has precedent. Heck, with the Unreal games we even saw better audio becoming available, if you had the right hardware. Creative Labs offers some amazing surround effects that were worth the trouble of downloading and installing. That's apples to oranges, but the point is that popular games often get modded well after release, one way or the other.

    I'd rather Uber textures and options came with the game's release though. Upgrade later, and then replay later. Haven't we all revisited the Crysis games after updating our cards?

    But I understand that what we're seeing here sort of serves that option as well. And this release will help drive sales.

    P.S. Could even a 1080 Ti play the game (without these new textures) using maxed out settings, at 4K, while having headroom to spare? What about GTX 1080 users?

    Now is a good time to release an option for better eye candy since a good number of people are either snapping up 10 series cards, or upgrading to 20 series cards.

  16. Spets

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    They need to add better geometry / higher poly objects. So many areas and objects breaks away from the atmosphere.
  17. Aura89

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    Gameplay of farcry 1 is nothing even remotely like any of the other far cry games........
  18. Neo Cyrus

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    That, and by the time the price cut arrives the game is less likely to kick your GPU in the dick. Unless it's a game from a series I absolutely must have at launch I never buy games at their $60 USD/$80 CAD release price. That price is a joke considering how half-assed games are on release thanks to companies like EA selling games in sloppy slices to nickle and dime us into oblivion.

    Typical "AAA" game company investor meeting:

    EA dbag 1: "Revenue growth this month didn't reach our demand of infinity^3 dollars! Suggestions of how to increase it next month?"
    EA dbag 2: "Degrade and stress our developers more to reach new ridiculous deadlines!"
    EA dbag 3: "Release only 4% of the game at launch instead of 5% so we can charge more for DLC and stretch it out to another season pass!"
    EA dbag 4: "Spend 99.9% instead of 99.8% of our budget on advertisement!"
    EA dbag 5: "Make our loot boxes even shittier and more rigged than they are now so the suckers have to buy more!"
    EA dbag 1: "All brilliant ideas gentlemen!"

    Then they go on to congratulate one another on their genius business strategies:

    Honestly I hope EA/Ubisoft/Activision/etc all somehow crash and burn horribly. I'd take a literal decade of no new games to see that happen for the good of the future... it helps that I have about a 20 year backlog worth of games thanks to our lord and saviour Gaben.
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  19. Asgardi

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    There must be more to it. Of course they are not doing lower res textures first and then the work again later. They do the quality versions in the beginning and downscale. Must be more about not making PS4 look too bad in comparison at release when Youtube is full of those comparison videos.
  20. INSTG8R

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    I'm just not seeing anywhere either in Uplay or the game itself to actually use/activate them. My patch was 8.5GB so I definitely have it.

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