Far Cry 5: Denuvo with VMProtect cracked within 3 weeks

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Apr 18, 2018.

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    Look I agree, if you like a game and really want it then support the developers and buy it. However I’m glad in the sense that the hackers are able to crack these games so quick with the multiple protections on them as all this extra crap on the games is only making us gamers suffer a big performance loss and honestly by the looks of it its not protecting the games from not being able to be cracked. So hopefully this will be an eye opener for the developers to not implement so many protections on one game. Rather add a single protection layer and call it a day so the people that actually buy your game doesn’t have to struggle like this.
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    I would argue that these were the inspiration for cracking it so quickly, whether they were difficult to break or not.

    The only people who benefit from DRM are those who make the DRM itself. Not the people who make the software being protected, since it's costing them more and it's inevitably going to be cracked. And certainly not the people who use the software being protected, since now they have to run all these extra layers in the middle that often don't play nicely with the layers that other companies like to use - and they also had to pay extra in the first place to cover the costs of the DRM.

    DRM, in and of itself, isn't necessarily a bad thing. I get it - they're in it to make money, and the perception is that piracy takes away a chunk of that (if you conveniently ignore those that weren't buying anyway and those that bought after using a pirated version). But the legitimate experience should not be less desirable than the pirate one. If your system requires an always-active connection, continual decryption or some kind of system snooping, you're creating a less desirable experience for everyone involved and deserve to lose money.

    PS To give you an idea of my personal mindset, I own approximately 900 movies on digital media. I've ripped every single one of them. Now I never have to watch an un-skippable preview of Elizabeth, some obnoxiously loud "You wouldn't steal a..." warning, 17 different languages of text warning, load times for menues or any other crap like that. I just get the movie I paid for where I want, when I want, in the player I want - the way it should be.
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    Of course you are right, no refunds beyond 2 hours of gameplay, and I think you can't request a refund for a game that you've bought some time ago, not sure how long though. BUT there is no guarantee that they'll refund it either...
    Which you see just like me, it doesn't matter since games are usually broken af already when released, don't hve 100% of the game's content these days, etc. and the worst part is, they're quite expensive and Steam has your money before they refund the game anyway, and with all the steam accounts even that daily money brings them interest, while you lose it, technically (not that the interest for our 50$ would make much difference, but make it 2 million games that are technically refundable at any time and you get daily interest for 100 million $...)
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    To my knowledge the cracked denuvo games STILL have denuvo being active on them and is just tricked/bypassed.. so if there is a performance hit it is still there.

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    80$ for a game in the digital age ?....get real, as for Steam....suck it... you don't even own the game GOG vs Steam, ( not sure about UPlay ) I haven't bought a Ubi game since 2007,piracy will lead to one outcome.... overhaul,all those gready accountants will have to rethink thier investments
    I don't think it's a bad thing at all....I couldn't care less if Ubi went broke ( they won't )
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    I wonder if Denuvo gets paid by the day up/until the game is cracked? (that's what I would do)
    one big lump sum for only 19 days protection then personal bodyguard gone on vacation to leave me alone and be raped by beautiful women/ not good!

    Oh, Wait!

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