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Discussion in 'MSI AfterBurner Overclock Application Discussion' started by msi-afterburner, May 10, 2010.

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    MSI N275GTX Lightning
    My 4870x2 or 5970 card reads constant fan speed but it doesnt work like afterburner shows, is that a bug in Afterburner? (updated on 2011/01/17)
    No, because AMD's implementation was DEADLY SLOW and caused serious stuttering in games, which is absolutely not acceptable for realtime monitoring. v1.3.0 and newer displays fan speed via direct access to RV870 on-die fan controller. If it doesn't reflect the changes, it can only mean that 5970 uses alternate fan controller chip. The issue could be resolved if AMD provide normal and effecting fan speed monitoring like NVIDIA does.

    My NVIDIA cards is downclocked when running some 3D application, is that a bug in Afterburner? (updated on 2010/11/14)
    No, NVIDIA card has a self-protection, it will force GPU to run lower clock to make sure GPU will not be killed due to too much overclocking. Once you found it, we suggest you not to overclock your card so much.

    GPU-Z reports the same GPU voltage even I change the voltage setting over afterburner on my MSI cards. (updated on 2010/11/14)
    GPU-Z reads the GPU voltage over NVAPI. But some of MSI cards use I2C to control voltage instead of NVAPI. So it's normal if GPU-Z reports the same GPU voltage when you change the voltage setting over afterburner. You can read the real voltage over MSI's v-check points. (However, the real voltage will be slightly lower than what you read through multimeter.)

    For users that don't use MSI cards (updated on 2010/5/10)
    Q1. My Sapphire / XFX / ASUS / EVGA ...etc. cards have problems with MSI afterburner....
    A1. Please note that MSI afterburner is developed based on MSI graphics cards, and all functionalities are all tested with MSI graphics cards. So if any issues or problems that you face, MSI takes no responsibility to provide solution(s) to your issues or problems. Please DO NOT ask Unwinder for extra work. He is really full with current projects.

    Unofficial overclocking (updated on 2010/5/10)
    Q1. Overclock GPU clock will be set back automatically even it's not set to the maximum value.
    A1. The maximum overclocking clock is officially limited by CCC. It's not possible to overclock higher than the settings in the BIOS. Here we provide one way to skip the settings for POWER USERS, you will need to do unofficial overclocking setting, please refer the article here:
    (But please note that unofficial overclocking setting will turn off "POWERPLAY", and you may also experience unexpected issues or problems. Here we won't be able to provide any solution of issues or problems made by unofficial overclocking setting.)

    Advanced Fan Control (updated on 2010/5/10)
    Q1. How come I can't control the fan speed of my dual-GPU card?
    A1. You will need to select correct GPU so you can control it. It's not allowed to control "TWO" settings of fan speed due to there is no two hardware chips on the board.


    GTX 470/GTX 480 clock/voltage adjustment (updated on 2010/5/10)
    Please download the latest beta version of afterburner to support GTX 480/470
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    Fan Speed too high after MSI AfterBurner and can't roll back.

    I was looking to make my video card better and download the MSI AfterBurner, put all things in automatic then play some games, my fan speed went to 80% or more. But when I was playing theses games before, it won't happen.
    Now everytime I play anything my video card fan speed go to the heaven and make a really loud sound.

    I've tried every way to roll back the things the way it was before MSI AfterBurner and can't.

    Someone please help =)

    Some info:

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07GHz
    Memory (RAM) 12,0 GB
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470
    Windows 7

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    ermm got a problem plz help me

    for some odd reason afterburner stopped recognizing my gpu is there a problem with my gpu??.. catalyst seems to show all his info normally. but afterburner.. doesn't recognize my gpu.. -,-

    excuse me for my.. english grammar.

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