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    I'm sorry for a thread-duplicate from "ATI Tray Tools" sub-forum. No response has occured so I'm trying to ask here in RivaTuner sub-forum...

    Hello pals,

    I'm experiencing problems with setting a Fan speed on my Graphic Card EAX800XL. I watched some tutorial and read some instructions how to set RivaTuner (I'm running v2.24 under WinXP32bit) but I don't have respective tabs shown there. I use Catalyst drivers 10.2 (recommended for my GC on and when the RivaTuner starts, it tells me that the driver is not supported. I tried also an older version of cytalyst drivers - v8.1 and RivaTuner didn't camplain about the driver but options for settings were still not there. [​IMG]
    Then I've read that also ATI Tray Tools can set a fan speed and when I try, it everytime sets senseless speeds, regardless of what did I set before pressing the Apply button.[​IMG]
    And it really changes the speed to very low values. So the Graphic card can control it for sure.

    The reason why I need to set speeds is, because my Graphic card somehow wrongly measures a GPU temperature, thinks it is still hot and runs a fan on maximum all the time - one fan has already passed out and it is impossible to find a spare one. I had to modificate a conventional one and I don't want to do that again :-D Moreover it is really very loud and annoying.
    An alternative might be to calibrate the temperature sensor, but I don't know whether it is possible...
    Heatsink is thermally connecting GPU and Gmemories so the temperature might be about same. (When memory is 28°C, GPU shows 51°C and when memory is 75°C, GPU shows 58°C)

    I'd be really very glad if anyone could help me. Thanks a lot
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