Fan profile no longer valid?

Discussion in 'Rivatuner Statistics Server (RTSS) Forum' started by vyder05, Feb 23, 2008.

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    Hi there, I just setup my rivatuner the other day and then I went back to check the fan profiles and it is telling me that my fan profiles are no longer valid! Can someone help me here?

    AM2 6400
    Asus M2N-SLI deluxe mobo
    2gb corsair ram
    windows 2000 pro sp4
    3ware raid 5 with 3x 200gb maxtor hdd

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    I have seen this myself from time to time.

    When you create a fan profile, it is saved in the registry (actual windows registry). It is given an ID. Next you make a launcher for it, and the launcher is also given an ID and put in registry. When you make a threshold for it in the gpu temp module, it refers to the ID of the launcher which in turn references the ID for the profile. Simple really.

    I have no idea why it messes up. Sometimes I have been messing with stuff, sometimes not. The registry always seems to be OK. The launchers all seem to be OK. Restart the program and most times it no longer displays this message. And I usually notice it when I first boot up.

    I recall it asks me something in a prompt when it does this, maybe if I go into the launcher tab. I have said yes or ok, which meant that I had to recreate that profile and launcher and threshold. Now I just 'ignore or cancel' that prompt and shutdown and restart RT.

    I consider it a small price to pay for what RT gives me.

    Can't really help you much, just confirming I guess.


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