Fan profile creating graphical glitches?

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    Hi guys, need some help explaining something. I have been playing battlefield 2142 and after a few minutes, my screen sometimes looks like the attached image file. the cpu sometimes pauses, as if the adjust the fan speed and then the graphics get slightly messed up. This also happens in crysis but far less than 2142 and after restarting the game, everything is fine. I am wondering if the when the driver initializes a change in fan speeds, the process some how messes with the driver/game process thus creating a problem for the graphics of the game.

    I have setup the fan profiles in the driver section of rivatuner because I followed the old guide that is different than the layout of rivatuner 2.06. I am wondering if I should create the fan profiles using low-level controls. currently I have been getting fan profile no longer valid messages and so I have posted that as well in a separate thread.

    AM2 6400
    Asus M2N-SLI deluxe
    8800 gt
    windows 2000 pro sp4
    3ware raid 5 with 3x maxtor 200gb
    2gb corsair ram


    P.S. how do i post images?
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