Fallout 3 crowned 'game of year'

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    thieves guild some were good, honestly the side quests in oblivion were better than the main quest. the assassins guild quest line was overall great in oblivion.

    fallout 3 paradise lane is the best imo of the vanilla game lest it took some thinking and was kinda an interesting concept, then tenpenny tower but f03s rather lame scripting of quests really fubard the end if you tried to save both wo mods. after than broken steel and point lookout were darn good in their own ways.
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    Oblivion was great when it was new and fresh, but after closing the 3 or 4 Oblivion gates (with many more to come) and after exploring the 10th cave or fort, and after hearing 20 different NPCs with the same voice, it began to wear me down. FO3 had similar repetitive gimmicks and flaws but kept me engaged a bit more. I liked the hacking of terminals, the weapons, the huge variety of mods and a few other things. But because of its similarities, I think if I hadnt played Oblivion, I may have enjoyed FO3 a bit more.
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    Sums up my feelings pretty well

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