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Discussion in 'Guru of 3D Clan' started by idaho, May 30, 2002.

  1. idaho

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    havn't seen ya in sof2 , stop by again somtime 5-8 est u.s. you played well & its time to terrorize folks with the new maps <IMG SRC="smileys/biggrin.gif">
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    GF 7800gtx X2
    Been busy, this has been finals week. <IMG SRC="smileys/dead.gif"> Plus I haven't bought the full version yet. At the end of the month I should be getting some cash, so i'll buy it soon. Then I can whoop some more butt. <IMG SRC="smileys/knock.gif">
  3. idaho

    idaho Guest

    kewl cya then <IMG SRC="smileys/wink.gif">

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