facial recognition by the government...your thoughts?

Discussion in 'The Guru's Pub' started by airbud7, Jul 8, 2019.

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    Um - you have a thread with the word 'government' in the frickin' title, how is it NOT a political thread????

    Lock this crap ffs - and give the OP a warning for KNOWINGLY starting a thread based on politics.

    We're better than this...
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    Twas sarcasm friend, calm down. Time of the month? :p
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    nothing good is going to come out of it except what we are told it is being used for.It will be used for profiling and cataloging peoples lives even before they do anything wrong/if they do anything wrong. I would rather my privacy, not that i have anything to hide but it is my life and in my eyes my right.
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    The more I think about it, the reason is not tech like this being used by companies.
    The reason to be worried is not the tech being in the hands of governments.
    You also should not be worried about hacks and how easily such data is faked, stolen, manipulated etc.

    One should worry why such tech is even introduced these times... twenty years ago nobody, NOBODY cared about individuals' biometric data... a picture in your passport / driving license was enough to find criminals.
    Why do they need more and more of our data? Are there more and more criminals? That I honestly doubt.
    The only thing that is getting more is fear. And that's what we all should fight.

    Not see dangers anywhere... we shouldn't be so afraid anymore... back in the day, after WW2, after the fall of the Iron Curtain... there was a spirit of growing... of leaving behind the dark, fearful times.
    People were hopeful... optimistic... the spirit of suppression and top down control was faught by individualism, invention, creation and improvement.
    Since that's gone, all goes down hill. This is just another piece of the puzzle, another symptome, not the illness that plagues the Western culture and the first world.

    Maybe it's just because I've been lucky enough to have grown up in a time when things were getting better and not more dangerous... when freedom was the thing people celebrated, not discussions about how the freedom of some makes living more dangerous or annoying. Growing up in the 80s and 90s, for me things were getting better until the "war" on terror and all that rubbish that came afterwards.

    Maybe it would be worth our time and interest to wonder, can't we go back and live like we did in July 2001? When we were happy to have survived the "Y2K" armageddon scenario? When everybody thought the next millenium was going to be kick ass awesome?
    THAT is what we should aim for... not more tech to control people. More tech to make people enjoy their freedom and peace.

    Sadly... facial recognition's usefulness has ended with the arrival of facial unlocks on smartphones. Which is already available. Or in Bill Gate's house where the facial recognition probably loads your favourite music or tv show by the biometric data. Besides that? No use to actually improve people's lives as I see it.
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    I suspect that the primary purpose of this techonology being implemented at a state level, is inorder to predict mob-like or coordinated public group behavior, finding individual people can be done without it, but tracking mobs (swarms) is very difficult, being able to track hundreds or thousands and cross reference makes it much easier to identify critically important members or groups of people. while this may be useful for tracking gang activity, the most obvious use-case, would appear to be in protest,or demonstration type events.

    Fun times.
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    Necro threading!
    Indeed, the VPN servers are throttled down on Linode, Vultr, Digital Ocean. Rob Braxman can explain how and some more
    Looks like someone has a deep inspection packet algorithm running invisible.
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    Yep, our Bundesnachrichtendienst (short: BND) sits in DE-CIX, Europes biggest node and main node for all "out-of-Europe"-data.
    I read somewhere they get a 1:1 copy of everything by using some kind of prism to "mirror" the data, unnoticed by anyone.

    German Google throws up a lot of results on that by searching for "bnd de cix prisma" if you are interested. ;)

    Oh aaaahm ... Would anyone mind to post proof about assumptions so readers have a chance to verify the source? Thats what I miss here a bit ...

    Edit: because I think in general it is an interesting topic (and in theory worth necroing), but it could go downwards rapidly if people start to post without any proof.

    Our stats here show we raised surveillance massively, because our police cried for better tools to fight crimes, but at the same time the numbers of successful "catches" of any crime didnt. They kept almost at the same level while on the other hand we sacrificed privacy a lot for that.

    Edit: link shortened
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    My thoughts on facial recognition by the government would be something such as, "Frack off, slavers!"

    Something like that.
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