Eyefinity/Surround - 680 4gb / 7970 3gb?

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    Hi all,

    Ok so I'm building my new comp in about 8 weeks. I have picked everything I want with the exception of GC since I cant seem to find any good evidence on why I should absolutely go for Eyefinity or Suround. I do plan to be gaming eventually with 3 monitors. I will be playing mostly: Tera Online, Skyrim, Elder Scrolls Online, and would like to try Far Cry. And YES.. I want the best graphics I can. I realize that Ram is only part of the factor but I do know that Skyrim is more ram demanding than any other game and with all the crazy mods I plan to add I'm sure I'll need it, I have seen ppl say they used all of their 3gb dedicated memory. I dont think I'll need 4gb, but hey i am chick & we all chicks have addictions so i might I don't want to run out. I'm contemplating either the GTX680 4GB or the 7970 3GB. The price diff is great between the two but if anyone has insight as to eyefinity or surround being better than the other that might help me choose too.

    Here's the rest of my specs and I will be overclocking

    Cooler Master Haf 922
    i5-3570k oc
    Liquid Cool Push / Pull
    8gb DDR3 1600
    ASRock Z77 Extream 6 (maybe)
    60 GB SSD
    2 x 1 TB HD's

    Im prefering win7 pro on new build but i dont mind win8 that much since my other 2 have it now.
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    GTX 780
    in ultra resolution (higher than1920x1080) in 3 screens, HD 7970 excel with it's Eyefinity technology... better to opt for a HD7970

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