Eyefinity Random Disables Itself, Unknown Monitors, Black Screen on Wake, etc

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by Espionage724, Aug 10, 2013.

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    These are just 4 issues I've been having with my GPU, and i'm wondering if there's a solution.

    I have 3 Acer S201HL's hooked up via DVI (native), HDMI (DVI-to-HDMI cable), and MiniDP (DVI-to-MiniDP (HIS active adapter)). I also use Windows 8.1 Pro Preview and the OpenGL 4.3 Beta drivers (but this has happened with older drivers too and Windows-based OS's).

    The first issue is that my Eyefinity configuration disables itself randomly. It will randomly revert me back to multi-monitor, and I'd then have to re-set it back up.

    The second issue is, usually after a long period of time (few hours/days), my screens would be listed as "Unknown Display" under Screen Resolution. Normally, they are listed as "Acer S201HL(Digital)". I'm pretty sure Eyefinity is disabled when this occurs too.

    The third issue is that if my monitors go to sleep, sometimes they don't wake fully. They power on (backlight turns on), but the screen remains black. In the past when I had a single S201HL on DVI, I'd just hotplug it and this would work sometimes to restore the display (note sometimes). Other times the display would remain black, and I'd then have to reboot to fix it.

    The fourth issue is that my monitor arrangement sometimes resets itself too. The proper monitor arrangement via software for my monitors is 2 (HDMI), 3 (DVI), 1 (MiniDP). The first monitor has to be where its at due to it powering on and switching resolutions slower than the other monitors (I primarily rely on the left and center screens the most).

    I have a single Radeon HD 7850 also. I only had one S201HL in the past via DVI on my old GPU (5570) and I don't believe it had the sleep of death issue nor unknown monitor thing.

    Any ideas as to what I could do to fix any of that? I heard long ago that there was some issue with some 7xxx series cards about some noisy components being used in the manufacturing process that could cause screens to disconnect at times. Maybe that's affecting me?
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    Dodgy cables or adapters from monitor to PC ?

    If one of the displays disconnects because of a bad adapter or cable, I assume it will remove your eyefinity setup
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    I should also mention that the monitor sleep of death and unknown display thing also occurred with a single monitor on this 7850 card, but hasn't occured on my old 5570.

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