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    asus strix 5700xt
    I'm trying to do a spanned desktop but the eyefinity arrangement doesnt seem to span correctly. In adrenaline settings the monitor diagram shows its correct but scaling and arrangement is way off Was wondering if anyone else has this problem and found a fix or if I"m doing something incorrectly.

    Eyefinity works fine when theyre all in landscape mode and the side monitors work fine in windows desktop mode without eyefinity.

    I remember eyefinity used to allow independent monitor arrangement but i cant seem to find any advanced options in the drivers besides the quick setup. I'm not sure why its called quick setup if there isnt any advanced setup. Maybe I'm just missing the advanced options. I remember doing this arrangement in the past and it worked after some manual adjustments. I havent tried any older drivers with CCC. I'd be interested in trying though if anyone knows it will work safely.

    Side monitors are each using active display port adapters to dual link dvi cables.

    I took a picture to better show what im talking about. Oddly enough a screenshot shows them all arranged correctly and doesnt show what I see in the end on the screens.


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