Extreme 4-Way Sli Tuning

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    VULKAN DRIVERS 441.71 - 4-WAY SLI - 12/12/19:

    These drivers just came out, I will give heads up on how they will perform...

    The one before it, the one I used to tune with Ethan Carter, 436.65, works perfectly and also tried other games, A++

    I know I have tried desktop 44x.xx and 441.xx drivers, along with modded quadro drivers variants, ALL = X!.

    Will give heads up on this later, pretty sure these will work fine, Check back later.
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    So as before, I mentioned about how sensitive the tuning was in Heavy rain but it could been other things like Loose power cable,etc, to verify this isn't the problem, I ran my personal game of choice, Rise of tomb raider, An Absolute BRUTAL test on all 4 gpu's, Ran it for some time, Rock solid stable, no crash no nothing, used my Enhanced SMAA profile Edition(Custom made), everything works perfectly, so I now I can confirm the bits in heavy rain is causing the issue.

    Cause I ran into this problem in the past, sometimes loose power cables can give you bsod and such, so I wanted to clear that situation up, all good...

    I didn't play rise of tomb raider for long time, long enough to now if its stable, the amount I played on it, if something was wrong, it would have acted up long time ago.

    At times, I might have to reseat the gpu's and or replug the cards, cause any slight on this can and will render a bsod or anything those lines, seems like everything is clear and good to go, thanks for reading.

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    HEAVY RAIN(PC VERSION) - 4-WAY SLI - 12/14/19:

    Sorry for some delay here, In regards about the progress on this game, slowly but surely.

    Again I want to point about the tuning sensitivity about this game once again:

    The tuning sensitivity in this game:


    Probably the worst I have ever dealt with, the divsion(1st one) is worse, you look at that game, game bsod/hangs.

    This game applies the same as well..

    Tuning some of the unknown PREDEFINED nvidia settings, game will automatically hang it self or bsod(WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR),
    when you get these errors, I would say no more then 3 in a row, you might want to go to your CMD, then do:

    SFC /scannow

    or use the dism command and check health:


    To make sure your windows 10 files are not corrupted, cause more of this = system error/unbootable

    It is imperative that you do this while tuning this game...

    One particular setting gave me a booster:

    Under unknown PREDEFINED nvidia settings:

    0x10FD4C5F - 0x01F296C1 (Catzilla, Unigine: Heaven 4.0 demo, 3DMark, Unigine: Valley demo, 3DMark14, Unigine: Heaven demo, 3DMark Ice Storm).

    If its not in there, just export it as nvidia text format, open the text format with a word pad and search:

    Heavy rain:

    and add the following:

    Setting ID_0x10fd4c5f = 0x01f296c1 UserSpecified=true

    Make sure proper spacing in the beginning is there, about 4 spaces...

    Also on top of everything here, If you do experience something is about to hang right you start up the game, there might a small chance that by doing:


    You might get a chance to sign off then re-sign and tune the game without having to do a hard reset, again, this is a small chance so bear this in mind.

    One thing that I can not disable is the annoying Film Grain, Although some games looks alright with it, but for me, it reduces the overall Image Quality, really I am not a big fan of it, I mean I don't mind it but usually I have it off, Like my IQ crisp and clean.

    Thanks for reading, this game and Quantum break is still:

    ----------WORK IN PROGRESS----------
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    VULKAN DRIVERS 441.71 - 4-WAY SLI - 12/15/19:

    Gave these drivers a try and as I originally expected what the outcome would be:

    Just like the official desktop drivers: 440.xx and 441.xx, ALL = X

    So, if you want to tune with safety, Only use, as the most latest drivers, Vulkan beta drivers: 436.65, do NOT go beyond these drivers for 4-way tuning until further notice, thank you...
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    Alright, I had enough for this game.

    Game is now on hold until further notice...

    I literally went through perhaps 30-40 hard resets, bsod's,etc...

    I really want to finish this game but this game is just Way to fragile to deal with, Even the most demanding tuner would immediately quit...

    So here are my final tuning parameters until further notice:

    Game was tuned originally with Vulkan Drivers: 436.65 & Modded Quadro Drivers: 431.94

    Just heads up to everyone, I tried the quadro drivers to see if the sensitivity is still there, yes, just as bad...

    So here it is:

    Sli Compatibility (DX10+DX11) Bits:


    Sli Specific Hacks:


    Under 8 - Extra:

    ASYNC10_NVAPI_MODE: 0x00000003 ALLOW_ALL - Allow all optimizations

    And that's just pretty much it.

    If someone who has exactly the same gpu's as I in 4-Way and want to give this Incredible Ordeal a try, Please use the Modded Quadro Drivers:


    As I did some changes within the Sli Bits themselves and those worked fine with the quadro drivers...

    Also, Scaling wise, I was mainly working within the mall area in the beginning where you are finding your son: Jason...

    Scaling is like = eh/so so...

    certain parts in the beginning, depending on angle,etc, it is hitting the 4th card but slightly....

    Alot more work needs to be done but like before, due to the amount of sensitivity in this game, I can not continue like this any longer, I think 40+ hard reset's and many bsod's is enough, and yes I did another test run with a Brutal test of mine: Rise of tomb raider, for good 30 mins, not one hiccup, everything smooth as butta.., no crash no nothing, so my final conclusion is the tuning of the bits,etc, not anything else, cause I had similar problem in the past, routed the problem of the cards, had to re-seat them and re-plug all the pci-e cables, but in this case, its the game's overall tuning sensitivity, already routed the problem, its the game and tuning, nothing else...

    I would say, 2-way should have no problem, I would best to stay away from 3-way and especially 4-way at this point...

    Again, this game is going to be on hold, just like AC: O, hey, at least AC: O is no where near as sensitive as this game, even though trying to get it to scale even 2-way with AC: O was terrible but at least I can work/tune the game in utmost peace, unlike this game, Jesus Christ....

    Really want to finish this game but this is just bad, I can not continue any longer, perhaps at a later point, need a break on this game...

    Sorry about that everyone, tried my best, I really pushed it far's it can with this game, this is the farthest I can go, Sensitivity is EXTREMLY, EXTREMELY BAD!!!!!!.

    Out of 50+ games I tuned, this is probably the WORST!!!!, Absolutely no doubt about it, closes eyes and shakes head left and right.
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    Ok Gave this game a try, never played another GTA since the very first one, been a long time...

    Wasn't really into the content with the game so wasn't interested in it really BUT that being said, wanted to give this game a try and see how will it will scale, at first glance, it really amazed me...

    In the beginning of the game, The scaling was like basically perfect but things changes when your near the beach side/road,etc...

    First before I continue, this game works perfectly under AFR or SFR rendering modes with no changes in the SLI Compatibility bits:

    0x0<<~~ this one & 0x00000<<~~ this one as well..

    Normally you have to tune both of them or alter one of them to get SFR or AFR to work, in this case, neither has to be changed, for example, mine is is like this

    0x8<<~~ & 0x00001<<~~

    Normally 1 flickers when using AFR, it does not with this game...

    Couple things I noticed, you MUST use MSAA or ambient occulusion for the scaling to be well PACKED DOWN...

    I am in the process working around the in-game settings, to make sure everything is pretty much stutter free, Keeping the SLI Consistency up, working on these as we speak...

    Far the most part, it scales Like an Complete Animal but there are some issues, working on those currently...

    I am in process if trying to get the game to scale under MSAA X4 along with very high textures, and trying to adjust other in-game settings to ensure everything is running smooth, I can NOT max everything out, game is basically unplayable...

    I tried setting everything to maximum but no MSAA turned on, however, the scaling usage isn't packed down, so I have to use MSAA, of at least X2...

    I only messed with the SLI compatibility bits only for a short time...

    One thing it took awhile to notice and this is with even with single gpu mode:

    There seems to be several layers in the foreground, some kind of clipping plane/distance lod issue...

    Even shadows seems affected, the more closer you are, the sharper,overall iq of ground textures,etc becomes more apparent, so looking into those issues, took awhile to spot it, its clear as day, just have to pay attn. to it...

    Further research into this problem, came across a known issue for the gtx 970, the shadow lod issue, there was a work around it, I tried it, it does NOT work, but currently investigating the issue as we speak.

    So far, overall scaling is top dog sandwich but working on other issues...

    Overall tuning sensitivity:

    Nothing to be concerned about, never had to do a hard reset nor any bsod/ unlike that heavy rain game, JESUS!!!!

    That being said, I found some issues that people MUST be aware of while tuning under 4-way:

    While your in the game, and trying to get into options, game might hang for like a min or more, don't worry, game will comeback online, same goes for after a cutscene, and getting right into the game, might be a 30 second hang or so, again, don't worry, game will come back online, game hasn't hard lock on me yet, so be aware of this situation, extremely important...

    And lastly, most interesting of all in this game, the TEMPS!!!:

    Very very very interesting here..

    Echo = WORST in temps

    GTA V = Probably the Lowest I have Ever seen in my 4-Way tuning..

    Ambient temps were around in the upper 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Gpu themselves are hitting around: upper 50's C to lower 60 C...

    MS frametime seems VERY good, Gpu Bus usage = 1% or lower = Excellent/no abnormal reactions of any sort.

    Again, Scaling is TOP NOTCH, already checked 1 gpu performance and 4 gpu's, yes it is, For the most part Scaling =

    Absolutely Magnificent

    Please check back later as this game and Quantum break is still:

    ---W O R K / IN / P R O G R E S S---
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    QUANTUM BREAK - 4-WAY SLI - UPDATE - 12/18/19:

    Just heads up about this game, I haven't made any significant progress in this game...

    Far as tuning sensitivity wise, Absolutely perfect, nothing to be worried about...

    Although, you might get a crash during start up, and after that crash, you will experience another crash during another startup, to fix this, simply restart your system and re-tune...

    I have gotten rid of the massive flashing problem but in return, massive significant drop in overall scaling performance...

    I have tried both AFR and SFR rendering modes, first initial impression on both, they both perform exactly the same thus far, but far as overall scaling wise, not really, below sub-par performance...

    Even if flickering is present, a lil over 2-way sli performance, not to much over that...

    Game is not that easy to get the scaling to be activated.

    Always check back for future updates as this game and GTA V is still:

    ----WORK IN PROGRESS----
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    Sorry for some delay, wasn't on pc basically last 2 days...

    First, I'll start with Quantum Break...

    Folks, this game is NOT looking to good at all, although the tuning sensitivity is absolutely nothing to worry about, this game just doesn't want to scale at all...

    If I make the screen flash like mad crazy, scaling is slightly above 2 way so at this point, I wouldn't recommend it but that being said, My entire focus is now on GTA V.


    Just heads up to everyone on what's going on with GTA V.

    From what I can tell thus far, Everything scales Magnificent along with basically no stuttering of any sort, no unusual graphic anomalies of any kind and no GPU usage bouncing up and down or acting weird.

    However that being said, the down fall of this is that the texture themselves, MUST be set to Normal(lowest), and the MSAA count MUST be set to X4...

    I tried putting the texture to high or very high along with X2 msaa and everything else set to the lowest to see what reaction it will give, although the scaling is there it is NOT 100% consistent at all times, some stuttering involved and some usual graphic fluctuations in certain angles/areas,etc...

    I am currently hard at work trying to see if I can get the texture set to high or very high to scale with smooth consistency.

    Just for kicks, I tried to do very high textures @ 2560x1600 and played with other graphical settings and the end results were the same.

    If I set the msaa @ X 0(Nil) and set the Textures set to very high @ 4k(2400p), the scaling is not PACKED DOWN enough, so doing my best to see whats going on here.

    But yes, if textures set to normal @ 4k and other tuned settings = Absolute Beast...

    And just heads up, Graphic driver being used during GTA V tuning:

    Modified Quadro Drivers: 431.94

    So always continue to check back later, I am hoping final conclusion will be up sometime this week or before, this game is still:


    And to everyone: HAPPY HOLIDAYS :)
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    GRAND THEFT AUTO V - 4-WAY SLI - UPDATE - 12/24/19:

    Ok more heads up on the progress of this game thus far...

    Right now, I am working on fine tuning the game with Textures set to Very High(Highest), and Msaa X0(nil), as stated before, the scaling was NOT PACKED DOWN enough, however I have increased the overall scaling potential quite a bit, mostly fine tuning the Bits...

    Overall, its coming along nicely, Gonna be some more time, but overall, its quite a bit better now...

    So far so good.

    Although the Overall scaling consistency under msaa X4 with textures set to normal(lowest) = Absolute Beast with no stuttering whatsoever...

    I am trying to work with higher Textures, Its coming along pretty good.



    If I put my Frame Scale to 5/4(1.2500) along with 2400p, Texture Set to very high, MSAA X0, scaling is alot better but minimal stuttering, right now focusing more on just 2400p, MSAA X0 and textures at very high at the moment...

    But initial impression is very very impressive, thanks for reading...
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    GRAND THEFT AUTO V - 4-WAY SLI - UPDATE - 12/25/19:

    Several things I didn't mention eariler.

    Some things to further help boost fps:

    Under Sli Broadcast Bits, you might want to look at the following:

    0x0<<~~ this one helped quite a bit

    0x00000<<~~ this one,

    0x00000000<<~~ and this one as well..

    Also, another one that helps me in this game and other games:

    Under Sli Specific Hacks:

    0x0000000<<~~ and its set to 6(Crysis 2)

    Another good Alternative is setting it to 4(Sli Specific Hacks/in some games)

    Be careful when setting this to 6 in certain games, It can make your game flash/flicker like mad crazy, its like messing with:

    Sli Compatiblity Bits (DX10+DX11):

    0x00000<<~~ similar effect while tuning...

    Final Conclusion should be up soon, check back later for updates as this game is still:

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    Hello everyone, I have 3 Undisclosed games, never before mentioned on this forum, I personally tested these 3 games and the games are:

    The Technomancer
    Monster Hunter World

    And initial impression on all 3 games??????

    Couldn't even believe it...

    Before I continue further, All my attn. is now on GTA V, I already had these on my samsung 960 pro, installed and ready to be played, had it for sometime, so I wanted to give it a try and how my first initial reaction would be, I did NOT play these 3 games long enough to know its overall stability so bear that in mind please, I will be working on these games once GTA V is all completely tuned.

    First I tried Greedfall, Scaling is a Complete Falling Mayhem(Excellent), however that being said, SSAO must be turned on to high to keep the scaling packed down, if I said to medium, for some odd reason, scaling is significantly reduced, If its set to off, It scales alright but no where near as with SSAO but here's the downfall with SSAO being used:

    There seems to be an greyish overlay trail while moving the camera, reminds me of other games, is it bad? not to bad but visible, if you shut off SSAO, this is all eliminated, other then that, 0 graphic problems but the overall scaling is not quite as good(no ssao), it is hitting the 4th card though but not as strong so more tuning is needed in the bits themselves to further improve this.

    On top of all that, whats very interesting is this:

    This is the first game out of all the games I personally tested/tuned that TAA is indeed infact working under 4-way sli mode with absolutely NO, repeat, NO graphic anomalies of anykind, very interesting indeed, yes it is, I was awfully surprised that it was kicking in, Jaws dropped to the floor.

    Next game I tested is:

    Monster Hunter World:

    This game took a lil time to figure out what was causing the crashing during some of the in-game cutscene, I Tried everything from reduction of resolution, all the settings, all was causing the same issue, even the fps limit, nope, I did found a work around this issue under 4-way and all Discovered by me:

    This also helps improves the overall scaling potential on top of it:

    The game changer:

    under Sli Broadcast (DX1x) Bits:

    0x0000000<<~~ This one, I tried using 1 first but found out the letter A works like f'in monster...

    To cut the long story short about this game, How well does it scale on my first initial impression, you won't believe it guys:


    3rd game tested:

    The Technomancer:


    I only did some quick changes to the Sli compatibility Bits (DX10+DX11), went on the game, checked one gpu peformance then 4 gpu's, quick initial results and impression:


    No graphic anomalies of any kind, Everything looks Solid as ---K!

    Again folks, I was only on these 3 games only just a tad to get quick impression, as you can see, UNBELIEVABLE...

    And the most Unbelievable part about all 3 of these games... Rendering mode used:


    Stay tuned on these 3 games, these next 3 games will be on my Radar after GTA V, in the meantime, finishing up GTA V, that game is coming along Very Nicely.

    Thanks for reading, means alot.
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    GRAND THEFT AUTO V - 4-WAY SLI - UPDATE - 12/30/19:

    Sorry for the delay, Current stats on whats going on in this game thus far...

    Before I begin, want to tell everyone that this game is being fine tuned with NO MODS whatsoever, so basically vanilla.

    Ok for past days or so, I been very hard at working fixing the stuttering issue, mainly while driving vehicles.

    I also went back to 1 gpu mode and see if it stutters the same way, the only time it stutters is when I have the textures set to high and msaa X4, when I do msaa X2 it does not, so under 4-way mode with my current tuning, it stutters quite a bit and the Sli consistency is NOT smooth while driving vehicle while texture set to high and MSAA X2, not only that, the fps gap I see is around 20-22 fps gap drop during stuttering, so I was really trying to fix the issue...

    Messing with Sli, this is what you all have to go through, even though some settings in some games can go higher on 1 gpu mode, under Sli mode, some settings, even texture has to come down, Just the way it is, even though every game will be different.

    The game is very playable at high textures and msaa X2, especially while on foot mode, just during vehicle mode, some stuttering here and there and fps gap is kinda to much.

    I have messed with tons of variations of the graphic settings on what would work the best.

    However that being said, I did manage to find out how to completely smooth out the stuttering problem, although still present but it is ALOT better, man your not kiddin'.

    And the game changer is:

    Under Sli Compatibility (DX10+DX11) Bits:

    0x00000<<~~ this one and far's I can tell, it MUST, repeat, MUST be set to 0, no exceptions.

    Traditionally, I always have this set to 5 in most of my games, other digit's may improve performance but usually 5 or 8 works best, I never EVER use 0, so this was something new to me here, especially on helping eliminating the stuttering issue...

    So for those who are really hard tuning this game under Sli mode and experiencing stuttering issue, you all might want to look at this particular hex with absolute seriousness, it may help your stuttering problem under Sli mode, thanks.

    For the most part, All the bits and Unknown PREDEFINED nvidia settings, and including: others and 8 - Extra is all complete...

    So right now for best SLI consistency and keep the stuttering while driving at bay, Texture MUST be set to normal and MSAA X 2, All other settings I will explain later during final conclusion...

    I got off work tommorrow, so I will try to get the final conclusion up and running tomorrow, be sure to look for it...

    The only one major draw back here while tuning, the amount of time to just get on the game, to much downtime during intro movies and such, I tried looking up how to speed it up, found some stuff, it DOES NOT WORK because the launcher now wants to update the game, even if you have the auto-update set to off within GTA V, I looked up other resources, Does not work currently...

    While during this crazy downtime, I was playing my Sega Genesis portable, Sword of Vermillion(Yu Suzuki game) to keep me busy in the meantime, the downtime is absolutely insane...

    Tuning Sensitivity = Absolutely nothing to worry about HOWEVER, if the settings are to high, and you trying to get into the options menu while playing your game, you might see like a min + hang, usually just one time so stay cool and game will come back eventually, worse thing that it will come that the game will crash, so no hard reset or power down far's my experience goes for this game, so overall tuning sensitivity under 4-way = A+.

    Again, Look for final conclusion hopefully ready by tomorrow, don't want to miss this one folks, this is gonna be awesome.
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    Hi there

    Happy New year mate and all the best mate in New Year and yours tests

    Thanks, Jura
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    Thanks alot.

    oh, BTW, all my Performance testing for GTA V is done, sorry couldn't post it in time, look for it later on, I got tons of stuff jotted down.

    Happy New years to you too.
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    Here it is everyone and the moment we "ALL" been waiting for, GTA V under 4-Way Sli, Holy Sweet Jesus!, does it even operate in this condition??? Read below to find out, :).

    Boy has this game been fun to work with.

    First, Listen to some GTA V tune while Reading this for more added depth if need be.

    In the beginning of this game, All I did was some slight tuning, hopped on the game, Couldn't even believe the scaling was already there but things drastically changed once I started the first actual mission, That's were Vast majority of my tuning took place, and went through tons and tons and tons of in-graphic setting variations to which one would work best, ALOT and I mean ALOT of work was put into this game...

    As promised, I have Jotted down many performance results for this game, including all 5 scenes during in-game benchmark mode, and many others as well...

    This game fine tuned Strictly under SFR rendering mode and on top of that, Absolutely no mods were used during the tuning of this game, 0, None.

    During one 1 gpu mode, I can do 2400p, Texture set to high and Msaa X2(must be used to keep the scaling packed down), with pretty much no stuttering, however while under 4-Way Sli mode, while driving vehicles, under the same conditions, there is quite a bit of stuttering, and while it stutters, there is a huge fps gap, so I did alot of work on trying to minimize the stuttering issue and try to reduce the fps gap as well and I did, although its there but not quite as bad...

    I have jotted down 12 independent performance test from 1 gpu mode and 4-Way Sli.

    But first, Under settings in my documents, this is how mine would look like:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <version value="27" />
    <Tessellation value="3" />
    <LodScale value="0.000000" />
    <PedLodBias value="0.200000" />
    <VehicleLodBias value="0.000000" />
    <ShadowQuality value="3" />
    <ReflectionQuality value="2" />
    <ReflectionMSAA value="0" />
    <SSAO value="2" />
    <AnisotropicFiltering value="16" />
    <MSAA value="2" />
    <MSAAFragments value="0" />
    <MSAAQuality value="0" />
    <SamplingMode value="0" />
    <TextureQuality value="0" />
    <ParticleQuality value="2" />
    <WaterQuality value="2" />
    <GrassQuality value="0" />
    <ShaderQuality value="2" />
    <Shadow_SoftShadows value="4" />
    <UltraShadows_Enabled value="false" />
    <Shadow_ParticleShadows value="true" />
    <Shadow_Distance value="1.000000" />
    <Shadow_LongShadows value="false" />
    <Shadow_SplitZStart value="0.930000" />
    <Shadow_SplitZEnd value="0.890000" />
    <Shadow_aircraftExpWeight value="0.990000" />
    <Shadow_DisableScreenSizeCheck value="false" />
    <Reflection_MipBlur value="true" />
    <FXAA_Enabled value="false" />
    <TXAA_Enabled value="false" />
    <Lighting_FogVolumes value="true" />
    <Shader_SSA value="true" />
    <DX_Version value="2" />
    <CityDensity value="0.000000" />
    <PedVarietyMultiplier value="0.000000" />
    <VehicleVarietyMultiplier value="0.000000" />
    <PostFX value="3" />
    <DoF value="true" />
    <HdStreamingInFlight value="false" />
    <MaxLodScale value="0.000000" />
    <MotionBlurStrength value="0.500000" />
    <numBytesPerReplayBlock value="9000000" />
    <numReplayBlocks value="36" />
    <maxSizeOfStreamingReplay value="1024" />
    <maxFileStoreSize value="65536" />
    <Audio3d value="false" />
    <AdapterIndex value="0" />
    <OutputIndex value="0" />
    <ScreenWidth value="3840" />
    <ScreenHeight value="2400" />
    <RefreshRate value="60" />
    <Windowed value="0" />
    <VSync value="0" />
    <Stereo value="0" />
    <Convergence value="0.100000" />
    <Separation value="1.000000" />
    <PauseOnFocusLoss value="1" />
    <AspectRatio value="0" />
    <VideoCardDescription>NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970</VideoCardDescription>

    One thing I must point out here that's extremely important. For some Reason, even under 1 gpu I get this, I went on other games to see if its my gpu and its not, If you run in the game within the above settings and using MSAA X2 right off the back, you will experience some graphic anomalies, flashing small square looking boxes, not to bad, but to eliminate all of this, change your msaa to X0 then back to X2 but you better off having it on X0 first then to X2, cause if you have it on X2 first then change it to X0 then to X2 under 4-Way Sli, chances are you might not have chance/time to apply it correctly, there is going to be some downtime here under 4-Way, usually the second time, you will have enough time to apply it but, there might be a, what appears to be a 50/50 chance that you will see like 20 fps drop in performance, despite scaling usage is well over 95%, again never go by that scaling usage, means nothing while tuning, always check 1 gpu then to 4, this way you can see whats kicking in or not.

    To fix the performance loss if this happens, you MUST log off the game completely and log back on, there is no other way.

    But back to what I was saying about MSAA, trying having the initial startup at X0, then load saved game, then switch it to X2, worse case scenario, game will crash...

    You could do ALT+ENTR while on the game, then change the settings there to prevent alot of downtime/hanging but I would personally use the above mention procedure..

    Very important here, In the bank scene(beginning of the game), your AO(Ambient Occlusion) setting, MUST be set to off, other wise your GPU Usage will lose its consistency and the will experience stuttering and loss of fps, but soon as you escape(outside), you can turn it on, but while inside, shut it off completely and your all good).

    Also during the bank scene(interior), there seem to be shadow flickering underneath those computer terminals, from what I understand, changing the AO can help eliminate but from what I closely observed, sometimes it can be there, sometimes it will not.

    Also, the In-game cut-scenes from what I can tell, Runs Extremely well, no stuttering, etc. so A+ there.

    Lets move on to Performance from 1 gpu to 4-way sli, let us begin:

    In-game Benchmark mode, 5 scenes/5 tests conducted

    Scene 5, there is a tremendous hit on min fps recorded, Tried some workaround the issue, nope, not at the moment, if any changes arises, I will revise it, thanks.

    In-Game Benchmark Scene 1:

    1 GPU MODE:

    MIN FPS: 23//AVG FPS: 22//MAX FPS: 26//1% LOW: 21 FPS//.1% LOW: 21 FPS

    4 GPU's:

    MIN FPS: 80//AVG FPS: 91// MAX FPS: 97//1% LOW: 51//.1% LOW: 45 FPS

    In-Game Benchmark Scene 2:

    1 GPU MODE:

    MIN FPS: 27//AVG FPS: 26//MAX FPS: 27//1% LOW: 26 FPS//.1% LOW: 26 FPS

    4 GPU's:

    MIN FPS: 91//AVG FPS: 96//MAX FPS: 103//1% LOW: 42//.1% LOW: 39 FPS

    In-Game Benchmark Scene 3:

    1 GPU MODE:

    MIN FPS: 27//AVG FPS: 25//MAX FPS: 27//1% LOW: 23 FPS//.1% LOW: 22 FPS

    4 GPU's:

    MIN FPS: 85//AVG FPS: 93//MAX FPS: 104//1% LOW: 53 FPS//.1% LOW: 48 FPS

    In-Game Benchmark Scene 4:

    1 GPU MODE:

    MIN FPS: 26//AVG FPS: 24//MAX FPS: 27//1% LOW: 21 FPS//.1% LOW: 21

    4 GPU's:

    MIN FPS: 82//AVG FPS: 95//MAX FPS: 107//1% LOW: 47//.1% LOW: 36

    In-Game Benchmark Scene 5:

    1 GPU MODE:

    MIN FPS: 22//AVG FPS: 28//MAX FPS: 34//1% LOW: 22//.1% LOW: 21 FPS

    4 GPU's(Min Fps had some issues as stated eariler):

    MIN FPS: 61//AVG FPS: 95//MAX FPS: 119//1% LOW: 43//.1% LOW: 30 FPS

    Car Scene(While Driving/Same pattern was used to make sure all was accurate):

    1 GPU MODE:

    MIN FPS: 21//AVG FPS: 24//MAX FPS: 34//1% LOW: 21 FPS//.1% LOW: 21 FPS

    4 GPU's:

    MIN FPS: 78//AVG FPS: 90//MAX FPS: 123//1% LOW: 44 FPS//.1% LOW: 31 FPS

    Walking Mode(Outside/Same Exact Pattern/Angle was used to make sure all was accurate):

    1 GPU MODE:

    MIN FPS: 21//AVG FPS: 24//MAX FPS: 28//1% LOW: 21 FPS//.1% LOW: 20 FPS

    4 GPU's:

    MIN FPS: 84//AVG FPS: 94//MAX FPS: 111//1% LOW: 44 FPS//.1% LOW: 40 FPS

    Bank Scene(Interior/Inside/Beginning of the game):

    1 GPU MODE:

    MIN FPS: 20//AVG FPS: 33//MAX FPS: 43//1% LOW 24 FPS//.1% LOW: 19 FPS

    4 GPU's:

    MIN FPS: 78//AVG FPS: 119//MAX FPS: 168//1% LOW: 24 FPS//.1% LOW: 10 FPS

    Bank Scene(Outside/Beginning of the game):

    1 GPU MODE:

    MIN FPS: 16//AVG FPS: 24//MAX FPS: 32//1% LOW: 17 FPS//.1% LOW: 16 FPS

    4 GPU's:

    MIN FPS: 64//AVG FPS: 92//MAX FPS: 119/1% LOW: 33 FPS//.1% LOW: 23 FPS

    Main Intro In-Game Cutscene:

    1 GPU MODE:

    MIN FPS: 20//AVG FPS: 23//MAX FPS: 29//1% LOW: 20 FPS//.1% LOW: 20 FPS

    4 GPU's:

    MIN FPS: 75//AVG FPS: 90//MAX FPS: 115//1% LOW: 34 FPS//.1% LOW: 31 FPS

    In-Game Cut-Scene/Car Shop(Beginning of the game):

    1 GPU MODE:

    MIN FPS: 23//AVG FPS: 25//MAX FPS: 30//1% LOW: 23 FPS//.1% LOW: 22 FPS

    4 GPU's:

    MIN FPS: 80//AVG FPS: 90//MAX FPS: 107//1% LOW: 41//.1% LOW: 35 FPS

    Car Shop/Walking/Interior/Same Pattern/Angle was used to ensure everything is Precise:

    1 GPU MODE:

    MIN FPS: 20//AVG FPS: 25//MAX FPS: 33//1% LOW: 20 FPS//.1% LOW: 20 FPS

    4 GPU's:

    MIN FPS: 81//AVG FPS: 92//MAX FPS: 116//1% LOW: 43//.1% LOW: 38 FPS

    Temps/While In Stationary Mode/Standing Still/With Brutal Scaling Usage/4 Way Sli Mode:

    Also Recorded MS(Frametime).

    Ambient Room temp: 70-71 Degrees Fahrenheit

    Ran for About good 10 mins.


    GPU #1: 59c-60c
    GPU #2: 63c
    GPU #3: 62c
    GPU #4: 62c


    8.4 MS - 13.1 MS


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    4 GTX 970-Quad Sli


    From Continuation from part 1:

    And the most important part to this game, the actual bits themselves, here they are BUT FIRST:



    First, please use this verision of Nvidia Inspector profile program:


    Then open the Program...

    First Look for 1 - Compatibility

    Then do the following:

    SLI Broadcast (DX1x) Bits: 0x2000088B

    SLI Compatibility (DX10+DX11) Bits: 0x8A9810F5

    SLI Copy Engine: 0x00000008 IGNORE_MIN_CE_TRANSFER_SIZE - Ignore d3dreg key MIN_CE_TRANSFER_SIZE and allow all transfer sizes by CE.

    SLI Specific Hacks (DX1x) Bits: 0xA0000065

    2 - Sync & Refresh:

    All GSYNC parameters, I have it all on OFF

    Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames Ahead: Use the 3D application setting

    Prefered Refresh Rate: Highest available

    Vertical Sync Tear Control: Adaptive

    3 - Antialiasing

    Antialiasing - Behavior Flags: None

    Antialiasing - Line Gamma: Enabled

    Antialiasing - Mode: Application Controlled

    Antialiasing - Setting: Application Controlled/OFF

    Antialiasing - Transparency MultiSampling: Enabled

    Antialiasing - Transparency MultiSampling - Setting: 0x00000003 C4X_TC - (Quality mode) spawns 4 shader copies, averages r,g,b, and alpha (only texcoords are adjusted).

    4 - Texture Filtering:

    Texture Filtering Lod Bias (DX): -0.500

    Texture Filtering Negative Lod Bias: Allow

    Texture Filtering Quality: High quality

    5 - Common:

    Ambient Occlusion Setting: Performance

    Ambient Occlusion Usage: Enabled

    Cuda - Force P2 State: OFF

    Multi-Display - Mixed-GPU Acceleration: Single display performance mode

    Optimize for Compute Performance: OFF

    Threaded Optimizations: ON

    6 - SLI

    Antialiasing - SLI AA: 0x00000001 AA_MODE_SELECTOR_SLIAA_ENABLED

    # of GPUs to use on SLI rendering mode: FOUR

    NVIDIA predefined # of GPUs to use on SLI rendering mode: Autoselect

    NVIDIA predefined # of GPUs to use on SLI rendering mode(DX1x): FOUR

    predefined SLI mode: SFR

    NVIDIA predefined SLI mode on DirectX 10: SFR

    SLI Rendering mode: SFR

    Head over to 8 - Extra and make the following changes below:

    MCFORCEHOSTSTAGINGBUFFERSIZE: 0x00040000 Default - size of host staging buffer, mostly for early push.

    PS_ASYNC_SHADER_SCHEDULER_FLAGS: 0x00000008 DISABLE_GARBAGE_COLLECTION - debug: Disables garbage collection.

    SLIMOSAIC_CONTROL: 0x00000000 ALLOW_ALL - Allow all performance strategies.


    Next section is very very important, Make sure you input these correctly:

    Last part of the puzzle, Extremely important, Scroll Down to where you see Unknown or Unknown PREDEFINED nvidia settings, to see more of this, click on the Magnifying Glass on top of the nvidia inspector program, scroll down to Unknown and Make the following changes below, If you don't see these, I can provide another useful information to inject these ID Settings.

    Do the Following:

    0x00854CAB (26 Profiles): 0x00000008 (BattleField 3, Grid 2, Dirt 4, Etc)
    0x00A25FC4 (14 Profiles): 0x20000001 (Dishonered 2, COD: Black Ops 4, GTA V, ETC)
    0x00ACBCC1 (1 Profiles): 0x00000011 (Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
    0x00CBE005 (1 Profiles): 0x00000001 (Space Junkies)
    0x00D98F93 (1 Profiles): 0x00000010 (Battlefield 1)
    0x00DB4772 (1 Profiles): 0x00000080 (Grand Theft Auto V)
    0x105E2A1D (268 Profiles): 0x00000004 (BF V, ME: Andromeda, the Crew 2, FIFA 2019)
    0x10B134FD (2 Profiles): 0x00000010 (Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Grand Theft Auto V)
    0x709ADADA (101 Profiles): 0x20000002 (Battlefield 4, Strike Suit Zero, ETC,ETC)
    0x709ADADB (100 Profiles): 0x3EFCC216 (Battlefield 4)
    0x70F8E408 (34 Profiles): (Fallout 76, AC: Unity, Agents of Mayhem,Etc)
    0x80857A28 (963 Profiles): (Monster Hunter Online, BF V, Race Driver Grid, Etc)

    If by any chance you happened to not to find any of above mentioned Settings ID, Very simply Solution.

    Within Nvidia Inspector Program, on top of the program, Click on export, then:

    Export ALL driver profiles (NVIDIA TEXT FORMAT)

    Next, open the Exported file with something like notepad, then search for Grand Theft Auto V.

    Should say first line:

    Profile "Grand Theft Auto V"

    Then underneath that, Copy and paste the following:

    Make Sure you have proper spacing like within 4 spaces.

    ShowOn GeForce
    ProfileType Application
    Executable "gta5.exe"
    Executable "gtavlanguageselect.exe" UserSpecified=true
    Executable "playgtav.exe" UserSpecified=true
    Executable "gtavlauncher.exe" UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x0007fbb6 = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x00110999 = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x002c74f1 = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x002c7f45 = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x002ecaf2 = 0x00000001 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x00313536 = 0x00000008 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x0043ed70 = 0x00000003 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x005a375c = 0x99941284 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x005f5a32 = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x0064b541 = 0x00000001 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x00664339 = 0x00000001 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x00667329 = 0x00000001 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x00738e8f = 0xfffffffc UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x0078d9d9 = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x00854cab = 0x00000008 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x00939833 = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x009cfec8 = 0x00000001
    Setting ID_0x009cfec8 = 0x00000008 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x00a06085 = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x00a06746 = 0xa0000065 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x00a06946 = 0x0a0040f5
    Setting ID_0x00a06946 = 0x8a9810f5 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x00a0694b = 0x2000088b UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x00a1131f = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x00a25fc4 = 0x20000001
    Setting ID_0x00a89790 = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x00acbcc1 = 0x00000011 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x00c96f61 = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x00cbe005 = 0x00000001 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x00d98f93 = 0x00000010 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x00db3853 = 0x00000002 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x00db3858 = 0x00040000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x00db4772 = 0x00000080
    Setting ID_0x00e32f8a = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x00ea83c5 = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x00f713bc = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x10115c8b = 0x00000028
    Setting ID_0x1033cec1 = 0x00000004 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x1033cec2 = 0x00000002
    Setting ID_0x1033cec2 = 0x00000004 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x1033ced1 = 0x00000004 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x1033dcd1 = 0x00000004 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x1033dcd3 = 0x00000004
    Setting ID_0x105e2a1d = 0x00000004
    Setting ID_0x107afc5b = 0x00000001 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x1094f157 = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x1094f1f7 = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x10a879ac = 0x00000001 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x10a879cf = 0x00000001 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x10aaa36c = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x10b134fd = 0x00000010
    Setting ID_0x10ecdb82 = 0x00100001
    Setting ID_0x10ecdb82 = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x10fc2d9c = 0x00000004 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x10fd4c5f = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x1194f158 = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x2089bf6c = 0x00000023 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x20d518cb = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x20d5b86d = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x50166c5e = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x70092d4a = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x701eb457 = 0x2241ab21 InternalSettingFlag=V0
    SettingString ID_0x7049c7ec = "웮ꑌ" InternalSettingFlag=V0
    SettingString ID_0x7051e5f5 = "籮鸙" InternalSettingFlag=V0
    Setting ID_0x706e1913 = 0x00000000 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x708db8c5 = 0x239be9c8 InternalSettingFlag=V0
    Setting ID_0x709a1ddf = 0x4b1cd968 InternalSettingFlag=V0
    Setting ID_0x709adada = 0x20000002 UserSpecified=true
    Setting ID_0x709adadb = 0x3efcc216 UserSpecified=true
    SettingString ID_0x70b5603f = "榻鳈⏹ꢗ" InternalSettingFlag=V0
    Setting ID_0x70edb381 = 0x24208b6c InternalSettingFlag=V0
    Setting ID_0x70f8e408 = 0x80b671f4 InternalSettingFlag=V0
    Setting ID_0x80857a28 = 0x00000001

    This Also will Include all the bits and whatever necessary for the game to function under 4-way mode.



    This was decent game to work with, especially I had a major heads up right off the back but required Tons of tuning within the in-game graphic settings...

    I was hoping to keep the texture to high(fine with 1 gpu), you can but to much stuttering and loss of fps, even if everything set to the lowest settings and MSAA X0, I even tried lower resolution like 1600p, and see if it behaved the same and it was exactly the same, soon as I lowered the Texture to normal under 4-Way Sli, it was a game changer, although stuttering still present, it is NOT no where as bad...

    System Ram usage was slightly above 12gb, Cpu Usage, highest I seen was like 20% or so.

    Even though MSI Afterburner, shows on my side, 32 cores at most, I usually don't monitor independent cores themselves, usually just the entire Cpu itself, from observation months ago, I checked task manager on a particular game to see the cpu usage and the cpu usage reading under afterburner, it was exactly the same.

    Far as Cpu usage is concerned, this is one of the highest I seen, especially running at a Gpu Bounded Resolution, 4k(2400p).

    While on foot, everything seems to be running extremely well, cut-scenes runs very very very well with no signs of weakness, while driving vehicles, some stuttering, although very good for the most part but not perfect, but very good nontheless..

    In my final Conclusion under 4-Way Sli with this game, I was awfully surprised to see its working at all, I was actually very very skeptical right off the back, but right in the beginning, It did some scaling kicking in and really took me by surprise, couldn't believe it.

    So Final Conclusion is this:

    4-WAY SLI RECOMMENDATION = Absolutely yes, 2 thumbs up on this one, Although not quite perfect, some issues, but overall, it was Way beyond my expectations, so therefore, I give this one an A+, even though have some problems.


    GPU CLOCK SPEEDS: 1533(ALL GPU's)/Memory: 7,516 mhz Effective



    OS USED: WIN 10 X64(RS2/15063.2108/Version 1703-RTM)

    MOBO BIOS USED: 4001

    INTEL CHIPSET DRIVER USED: 10.1.18010.8141




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    4 GTX 970-Quad Sli

    As mentioned before, I had 3 undisclosed games, never before mentioned on my thread, Took everyone by surprise and tested these 3 while I was tuning GTA V, I only did very slight tuning on these 3 games and all scales like an animal...

    Those 3 games are:

    Monster Hunter Word
    The Technomancer

    Also, I am going back on some games I have worked way in the past to further see if I can improve on the scaling/performance side of things, those games are:

    Ghost in a tale
    COD: Infinite Warfare(Going to try it once more)
    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    And last but not least, Going to try this game:

    Darksiders III

    But the first 3 games mentioned, All scales Excellent, Especially Monster Hunter World and The Technomancer, those are like PERFECT SCALING but I have not played the games long enough to see if stability was there, all my attn. at that time was tuning GTA V...

    So always if possible, check back for the latest updates on my 4-Way Projects...

    Thanks for reading.
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    4 GTX 970-Quad Sli

    Decided to go back on this game after months of not going back on it, wanted to see if I can scale it now, again, this game took me by surprise.

    Since I have alot more experience within SLI tuning, gave this one a try.

    I tried to attempt a long time ago with my 2 1080ti's, nope, if lucky, 10% on the 2nd gpu.

    But at that time, I was never really into hardcore tuning, different story now.

    Did some my own custom quick adjustment within the SLI Compatibility (DX10+DX11) bits(like a few mins or so), and results were absolutely staggering.

    Sucker basically scales at perfect scaling...

    Before I go any further, as expected with the textures, I had the same problem when testing SLI mode with 2 1080ti's when I was doing my 8k test and messing around with the textures.

    In this case, This game is basically very playable @ near 5k resolution, with basically top notch settings...

    I also quickly notice that the texture seems to be low res, despite at high texture and detail level at high, to fix this, simply change your resolution to lower resolution then put it back where it was, should come back to normal.

    Back while doing sli testing on my 2 1080ti's with this game in the past, lets say for instance, texture are at high resolution when you come close to an object, you go foward with good amount of distance, if you come back to this same object, seems the texture goes back to low res, hopefully this isn't the case with this, I have NOT conducted alot ot testing to know but will give heads up on it later, but I can now confirm 110%, this dang game scales like one bad Mutha _-_eR...

    There is some flashing within the shadows and such, currently investigating the issue as we speak...

    Also just to let everyone know, AFR and SFR what seems to provide pretty much same scaling performance and the same graphic anomalies currently...

    In stationary mode, just quick test.

    Tested at 4k(2400p) base resolution, Render Scale @ 120%(4.5k+)

    1 GPU:

    27 FPS

    4 GPU's:

    110 FPS

    Just to let everyone know, If I use just str8 4k(2400p), my scaling is great but not PACKED DOWN, and I am hitting the fps cap, 125 fps, seems there is a cap, so I am going to put more stress on the card more and bring that cap down a bit, again, tuning is extremely early but initial impression is extremely impressive already.

    This game, after many months of not touching it, is now currently work in progress, stay tuned for more....

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    DARKSIDERS 3 - 4-WAY SLI - 1ST UPDATE - 1/5/20:

    Alright folks, tried this game for several hours, did some quick Tuning on those bits and other things.

    Very interesting game here we have here you all...

    This being an UE4 based game, I have experience on messing with these games in the past.

    1st of all what came to my attn. and you all might want to take a note of it, for those who are tuning this game on another gpu hardware different then mine, it may or may not help you, absolutely no guarantee whatsoever.

    What was absolutely amazing is the use of this particular setting:

    Optimize for compute performance.

    There is ONLY 2, repeat, 2 games that to my knowledge and based on my experience of tuning that this actually works, all other games tested = loss in performance or wont even start,etc.

    Those games are:

    The Division(1st one): Tested with 2 1080ti's = game me a decent performance jump/Never tested with 4 970's as tuning with this game under 4-way = X, Crashes all the time, no matter how you tune the game, you look at the game = BSOD,etc.

    2nd game that works and kicked my 4-way in absolute gear and the only game that I am aware of that actually made 4-way to kick in is: Lords of fallen, which must be used in order 4-way to work correctly.

    And lastly, Darksiders 3:

    Darksiders 3 favors this particular setting but there is a Major downfall here, once you use this particular setting, once again called:

    Optimize for compute performance

    If your using same gpu setup as mine, you MUST, repeat, MUST have all 3 of these settings to low, otherwise the game will crash right upon loading up the game and to my knowledge thus far, there is no work around the issue, those 3 settings are:

    Shadow Quality
    Effects Quality
    Post Processing Quality

    That's the most saddest part, HOWEVER, that being said, if you don't use the Optimize for compute performance, the scaling is drastically reduced if your SLI Compatiblity bits (DX10-DX11):

    0x00000<<~~ if set to 2, if set to 1, scaling will kick in to a degree but alot of flashing,etc, no way around it, MUST be set to 2.

    But that ain't all just yet, I have improved the overall scaling quite a bit, just like Games like Echo, Vanishing of Ethan Carter, you MUST tune the hell out of the Engine.ini, and type in:


    And underneath that, you MUST tune it really hardcore, otherwise don't expect any changes in performance, this is where your real performance changer going to be, what helped me TONS in Echo and Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

    For those who are interested, take a look at this, I use this as a base reference:


    And yes, there is many many many parameters here, I only choose certain specific ones that I feel must be added/changed/etc.

    And yes, looking back at Echo,Vanishing of ethan carter, the Engine.ini tweaks that I did in the past as a reference.

    I am still very very very early tuning this game, but if you are tuning under 4-way, and need some booster, try added this in the engine.ini:

    Add this on the bottom:


    So far, this is how my Bits look, Again, this has been only few hrs of testing, and yes Sli Broadcast bits and Specific hacks made some differences, this is how mine looks now:

    SLI Broadcast (DX1x) Bits: 0x00000800 LIMIT_BROADCAST_SPREADING_TO_ONE_LEVEL - Limit broadcast spreading only to one level up.

    SLI Compatibility (DX10+DX11) Bits: 0x8B9828F5

    SLI Specific Hacks (DX1x): 0xA0000060

    Another very important thing, Although The tuning sensitivity seems very good, I haven't had any crashes,bsods,etc, there was a complete hang and had to do a hard reset, I was fine tuning the nvidia PREDEFINED unknown settings, I did one change and the game hanged completely and had to do a hard reset, so be careful tuning the Unknown ID settings.

    So far, I am above 2-way sli performance, everything is set to Epic, EXCEPT shadow(LOW), and AA MUST be set no higher then medium otherwise the overall scaling Drastically goes down Significantly, so be very strongly aware of this while tuning.

    So overall, its coming along slowly, this game is gonna take some time because of the Tuning of the engine.ini settings, but so far, looking decent...

    I might want to hold off on this game for the time being cause I have 4+ games that needs to be work on currently but those 4 games already scales like = perfect scaling, so those games already gave me quick heads up.

    So that being said, I will be focusing on this game later, as this game will take time, Hopefully not as long as Echo or Ethan Carter Redux, those took me 40+ hrs to tune easy, going to be working on the other games.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Sorry for some delay here, I been working on this game for quite some time.

    So here are the results about this game thus far:

    Overall scaling under 4-Way Sli with this game is looking pretty good for the most part, whats very interesting is this, actually two things here:

    1st of all, what really caught my Attn. is TAA, This is the "ONLY" game that I am aware of, from the past 50-60 games I have tuned thus far under 4-Way Sli mode, that TAA is actually in fact working with "NO" graphic anomalies of any sort, Very Very Very interesting stuff I recommend.

    2nd: Another thing that Really caught my absolute Attn. is, while doing some hardcore tuning with this game, I notice that, while viewing close up range, wether be floor, wall, depending on angle, mostly facing downwards, my scaling is reduced, all the games I have personally tuned, Always have the scaling usage WAY HIGH, in this case, its the complete opposite, scaling goes down, I am currently working around the issue, I have vastly improved the overall scaling potential in this condition but its still there, far as facing straight foward and such, scaling is Great to Excellent, especially with SSAO(best scaling overall), BUT, there is a downfall while using SSAO here:

    If using SSAO under 4-Way Sli Mode, there seems to be an background overlay imprint left on the screen, it only happens from what I understand, while your moving your camera, it looks like some kind of Burn in/Blur imprint, after a bit, goes away, it can be annoying, however, if you completely turn it off, it disappears completely but overall scaling is lil reduced, especially while facing floor, close up on walls,etc., Even under Normal SSAO setting, its still there, I tried messing with other settings to see if I can get rid of it while using SSAO, nope, Also, I tried doing bright memory/RE2 remake method, go under borderless mode while loading saved game, right before game is done loading, Go fullscreen mode(ALT+ENTER), again, NOPE, must be completely off to get rid of all graphic anomalies.

    One of the game changer in reduced scaling areas I have found is this:

    Open up your nvidia inspector program, Click on the Magnifying glass on top of the program, scroll down to unknown or nvidia PREDEFINED unknown settings and look for the setting ID and make the following changes below:

    0x00C96F61 (4 Profiles): 0x0000000F (Battlefield 1, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2, Star Wars: Battlefront (2015), Mirror's Edge: Catalyst).

    & also:

    0x0094C537 (1 Profile): 0x00B03007 (Jurassic World Evolution)

    And yes to everyone, I have tried MANY, MANY unknown ID settings, and guess what, NO differences in performance or just a tad drop in performance, the ones mention above help to a degree, especially the (4 profile) one, that helps quite a bit.

    Also just to let everyone know, The Actual SLI Compatibility (DX10+DX11) Bits, is all tuned and complete.

    Kinda still tuning both the SLI Broadcast and Specific hack bits as we speak...

    Although majority of the tuning on those seems not to make any differences in performance, I have found a few, but only helps very very little in performance, so still fine tuning those...

    Also, There is some stuttering in some areas quite a bit while moving your camera left and right, but it will quickly go away, I went to another location then went back to where the stuttering occurred, all gone, it only happens while your there initially, then it will go away.

    Reducing Shadows to High and most defint setting textures to high really helps this issue, infact, speaking about textures, MUST set to high in order for the overall stuttering to be kept at bay, I would NOT recommend going anything higher, same goes for shadows.

    Far as SSAO being turned off, everything else, is at MAX settings, resolution of choice being done here, is at:


    So currently working on those scaling reduction angles, other then that, top notch.

    So far, looking very good, I don't know if the close up range scaling, if I can bring it out some, I'll see what I can do but doesn't look to good at this point, again, other then that, top dog performance.

    All of my focus is now on this game and nothing else, so hoping to bring out more soon.

    Always check back later as this game is still:

    Last edited: Jan 8, 2020

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