External overlay programs cause screen tearing on 144 hz monitor.

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    I have RTX 3080 Ti with latest drivers but I also tried two previous versions and issue is still persist.

    This behavior is observable in Elden Ring and Dark Souls 3. Both games run smoothly in Windowed and Borderless Mode by default. But as soon I use some applications that add overlay on top of the screen (for example: https://github.com/tremwil/SteamP2PInfo and I even tried to write my own external C application that just said: "TEST" in the middle of the screen) both mentioned games begin to have some sort of weird lag that looks like everything updates slowly. For example if I run next to some vertical objects (pillars) I can see how they a bit "fluctuate" and this cause game feels insanely jerky and not smooth. So I went ahead and forced vsync off in Nvidia Control Panel and tried to play the game normally. Even without Vsync both Elden Ring and Dark Souls 3 are running smoothly with no lags and tearing. But when I run external overlay (either P2pInfo I mentioned above or my own C application) my screen begin to have horrible tearing. I don't know why does it happen but it looks like external overlays breaks something related with how Windows interact with vsync / windowed applications which cause all these issues. It's clearly not directly overlay program issue. It's almost feels like overlay program just messes up with Windows vsync related stuff and that's what cause issues. The only common things about these overlay program that they are work only with windowed / borderless mode and draw overlay on top of the game window (not internally like MSI Afterburner for example). So is there any settings or anything I can change to prevent this from happening?
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    Find open source overlay program which does not introduce problems and learn the difference (meditate on its source code).

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