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Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by viki2000, May 10, 2012.

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    Are any video cards which can drive 2 monitors and 1 TV simultaneously in the next way?:
    - the 2 monitors te be as extended desktop
    - the TV to be a mirror of the entire image of those 2 monitors together

    I looked AMD Eyefinity with up to 6 monitors, but I am not sure if I can split the image as I want. A stretch on multiple monitors is clear that may be done, also the mirroring on multiple monitors.
    What about mixed mode with stretch on 2 and mirroring on TV?
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    R9 290 Vapor-X
    I don't think you can mirror more than one extended desktop monitor. However, I guess it might be possible to setup up a 2 monitor Eyefinity, which windows sees as a single monitor, and then try to mirror that.

    I dunno, seems like a longshot.

    What resolution are your monitors that you would want to mirror them onto a tv anyway? Seems like you'd end up with massive stretching.

    Is there something in particular you're trying to accomplish?

    Also be aware that most AMD cards won't drive three monitors at the same time unless one of them is connected via DisplayPort

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