exchanged my x1800xt to 7900GTX, me very happy!

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    CALIGULA Guest

    hahahahahahaha :D :D
    i got kinda tired of my x1800xt 512mb and multiple
    drivers problems, games bombing out and such
    after trying about everything, from drivers to re-format,
    tweaks and all (i dont overclock) and even exchanging
    for another x1800xt different brand, i talked yesterday
    to my friend at the computer shop and i told him
    i'll give him back my x1800xt and pay a difference
    to for an nVidia card..he said he got the 7900GTX
    if i wanted it. i was like WHAT?! you got the 7900GTX?! :D
    he grabbed the MSI NX7900GTX 512MB and showed it to me
    and i was on it directly.

    x1800xt was $450 when i got it and the 7900gtx about 500$
    so i handed him 50$ and grabbed it, installed it
    and not a single problem in any game anymore
    after 24h test, no bugs no nothing.
    performance is awesome and Oblivion is kinda smoother too.

    here some bench for you old vs new card ;)

    3dmark 05: 7900gtx 10136 vs x1800xt 9014

    3dmark 06: 7900gtx scores 5171 (default) and HDR/SM3.0 is 2418
    old x1800xt scores 3994 (default) and HDR/SM3.0 is 1888

    FEAR 1280x1024 + soft-shadow: 7900gtx 81 fps and x1800xt was 53fps

    thats it for now, i also want to point out that NFSMW
    issues also are solved by upgrading to nvidia,
    i had the weird thing with x1800xt where i had to turn on
    every single option to stop the game from stuttering a bit when
    turning the car, with 7900gtx with or without max details
    not a problem at all, somebody said it might be RAM not enough
    but turned out not the case although i'll up my ram to 2GB in a couple months,
    as for performance they feel about the same
    in this game. i also love the Forceware drivers, unlike the "heavyweight"
    ATI ones!

    me very happy :D
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  2. Ayune

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    Nvidia 6800GT 256mb (AGP)
    Congrats..!!! and happy gaming.
  3. solofly

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    eVGA 580 SC SLI@840@1080P
    Yes, now you get to enjoy games the way they are meant to be played...;)

    CALIGULA Guest

    YESSSSSS.........bang!!! *BSOD* oh oh. :D j/k
    thanks i have to say this card is superb, what made me
    change my mind is that i installed a pc for a friend
    and he got a 7800GTX when i saw that card in action
    i was amazed how good it is, thats why i changed my card
    to a 7900GTX and also i got the option for SLI if i want to,
    but i doubt i'll need that for the time being. ;)

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