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    EVGA 980Ti GTX SC
    Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to launch an enquiry, i accept that my RMA Evga 980 Ti has reached the end of it's life span, the first one died within year 1. I am however kinda sick at paying money for performance parts only for them to fail 3-5 years down the line. All my GPU's have died this way having owned a Nv 8800GTS, ATI 6950 & a SC 980Ti.

    I can't have this happen again! Will most likely wait for the 3080Ti or the MaxQ variant and go for a notebook.

    Apple we're known to be slowing down their phones with software updates well before it was reported in the news, it took a great many years for the tech giant to admit this, i'm wondering if there is a possible GPU scandal going on too! Sick and tired of the industry selling us hardworking people dud parts just to turn a profit.

    I've taken extra caution when it comes to temps, even going as far changing case fans for high pressure ones. My question is has anyone ever managed to preserve their GPU past the 5 year mark? If so how the hell did you do it? Watercooling?

    - TeKK
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    Easy....I update before warranty runs out, tbh though i dont think i`ve kept a gpu longer than 18 months.
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    3060Ti 2055/16.1Ghz
    Some points of advice in my opinion would be:
    • Keeping GPU voltage within safe limits, for how well you are able to cool it. There is a point where more voltage does not help reach a higher frequency on a processor and you hit a wall or need twice as much voltage as the previous step, which may not be worth the temperature and power usage increase.
    • Keeping the GPU cooled adequately (if you can pay for the air conditioning and clean your computer every couple of months. High temp and high out-of-spec voltage for long periods of time cause a processor to degrade quicker).
    • Use a reliable and efficient power supply with the lowest voltage ripple for your budget (DC components like consistent DC electricity provided to them with little fluctuation to stay stable). I would say an 80-Plus silver efficiency power supply as the bare minimum and 80-Plus gold if you can afford it. Right now usually for most, a silver or gold efficiency is the sweet-spot for reliability and cost for a PSU.
    Sometimes you get a dud from manufacturing defects, but it can also depend on how well you take care of it.
    It's like a car, but computers don't have the maintenance routine listed in their manuals..
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    RTX 2080ti FE
    I've only ever had 1 GPU die and that was because of a cooling issue. That was a GeForce 4 ti 4600
    I still have a working 8800GT, 2X 9800GTX+, GTX470, GTX770, and a 980ti. Currently my 2080ti is watercooled.

    I also don't aggressively overclock either.

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    RTX 2080ti STRIX
    I've had like 8 cards in my gaming life, never changed it after 6 months or something like that.

    When I upgrade the old rig goes to my brother.

    None of my cards ever died before my brother retired it. HDs yes, power supply once, but never a GPU. Most of them got some OC.

    You are either very unlucky or doing something very wrong (too aggresive OC, sustained high temps)

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