eVGA 6600GT AGP boots to black screen

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by plonk420, Dec 24, 2004.

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    well, i was a proud, happy owner of a 6600GT AGP (got one of the few remaining in town) until i installed it and found that it wouldn't work. well, that is, it worked until i loaded the new drivers.

    i started with this config:
    Asus A7N266 (nForce1)
    Athy XP 1800+
    512mb Micron DDR266
    Antec 330 TruPower
    (Microsoft Wireless Optical USB, some NIC, 60GB 7200RPM HDD, LiteON DVDROM, XP SP1a -- a pretty damn empty box)

    as soon as the (eVGA CD) drivers loaded and i restarted, i'd get a black screen, first with the mouse in the center of the screen, then it would pop over to the left side, where i could only move up and down. if i let it sit for a while, the mouse would disappear completely

    i could get to the desktop if i booted in VGA mode, but that was unusable (scrolling was jerky). tried the 66.xx WHQL'd drivers, did the same thing (black screen)

    tried a fresh install of XP, same problem once i installed the WHQL'd drivers.

    THEN, thinking it could be power-related, i got an Antec 430 TruPower. didn't change a thing.

    anyone else having any problems like this?

    and yes, i know the mobo is old, the cpu and memory is slow. according to the eVGA site (and reaffirming what my friend said) 8X AGP cards are backwards compatible with 4X mobos. this SHOULD be working. the mobo is stable as a rock otherwise (just finished a 2-day xvid encode of Snatch at 720p)...

    edit: the last time i booted to VGA Mode it said that the 6600GT was the cause of failing to draw (something) to the screen. can't say i've ever seen it before...

    edit2: 67.22 does the same thing

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