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    I have been looking for a new game to play and have settled on Everqust2.

    What I won't to know is which Disc to buy to start off with.
    I don't won't to down load it if at all possiable.
    I have checked out the Everquest site.
    I think I need EverquestII Destiny of Velious?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I think you can also install EQ2 via Steam since it is F2P as of late. But IMHO, EQ1 + expansions is way more entertaining than EQ2. Tried EQ2 years ago when i still was an EQ1 junkie, but i got rid of it soon enough. I guess much hasn't changed in all those years. Going F2P mostly means a bad thing for an MMO as in "did not do well".

    As for your questions, i'm not sure about which exp is the last, SOE is notorious for releasing expansions in a 6-month basis (did it for EQ1, still doing it), but i'm not sure if that's the case with EQ2.

    What i remember most from EQ2 back in the time (2004 or 2005?) were for its time the awesome GFX and clothing physics. I really loved that. Such a gfx whore i was. :nerd:
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    It's a great game, I have played from release, but lately has become a bit too streamlined. There are tons of content from the old world and the expansions, but the grinding, without exp potions or bonuses, can be a bit tedious.

    The ftp model is a bit off, there are too many limitations, most of em avoided paying 10 bucks. But then there are only 4 races and 4 professions to chose for free.

    As Keitosha said you can download the game from steam, but the best way is, for me, using the executable found in the everquest2 page. Both will install the whole game, its about 15gb.

    DoV isn't needed till lvl 85, but lvl 90 can be reached without it, so you can wait and see if you like the game before buying.

    I would suggest playing in the most populated servers, either Freeport, the best but annoying at times, or Antonia Bayle.

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