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    Masterfx Upgrades

    We would like to inform you that Masterfx LLP is having a network wide upgrade on the 12th / 13th of may.

    One of the main aspects of this upgrade is the router (of course) , as of the above date A-N LLP will be doing its own routing with close links to both the Cable (now Virgin Media) and BT (ADSL) networks to give our customers the best possible latency response times possible and general network performance.

    Downtime wise, most work should be carried out in the early hours between 12:30 and 5AM thus not to effects to many services. (12 / 13TH of May)

    The biggest change directly effecting customers is the IP changes.

    Please look at for IP changes and a little more info!

    Above all else more redundancy has been built into the network ensuring that your servers will always be accessible!

    Game Server Customers

    As can be seen from the above URL is that the new IP Addresses will be on 82.136.52 – these IP address will mean that gaming customers servers will show up in games lists much closer to the top. Ensuring your servers are always full and popular.

    IP changes will consist of ->

    Thank you for taking your time to read

    Regards MasterFX
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    Thanks Hilbert and FM :)
    Will make the changes.

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