Energizer Rechargable AA Charger

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    Does anyone have the Energizer Battery Charger?

    I want the Wii, but i have been debating whether or not i should get the Nyko Charge Stand or by a rechargable battery thing.

    So i was wondering if anyone had the Energizer one. Specifically the ones with 1 LED light (which claims to be turned on when its being charged, and turns off when its finished charging). Which seems reasonable. But then i found another one which was a few bucks more, which claims to have a AUTO TURN OFF feature and is multivoltage (i can't seem to find it anywhere online to read about it except at the store physically). And i figured since it's got AUTO OFF, its better and safer, incase u forget that u left the batteries in the charger.

    So i was hoping you guys could help out.

    - Rechargable AA Batteries or a Rechargable Battery pack for the Wii?
    - How safe are the Single green LED energizer chargers?
    - Anyone know anything good or bad about the CHFMWB-4 ?


    EDIT- The Auto Off charger had 3 changable face plates, so that "it could match your home decor"

    EDIT 2 - I found the Auto Off one, its Energizer CHFMWB-4
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