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Endeavour OS an Arch-based distro with a friendly community

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by anticupidon, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. anticupidon

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    Hello fellow gurus.
    As the title states, I present you the succesor of Antergos.


    For those who don't know, Antergos was a loved project who offered a KISS installer for ArchLinux, but in time became more than that.
    So, after the project closed that community choose not to scatter, but to stick around.
    So Endeavour OS was born, sworn to bring the same simple approach and maintain the positive vibe and helpful community.
    Now, the project is young, but promising.

    So, you may ask: Why on Earth would anyone be interested in a new distro, in a forum focused on gaming, graphic, and indirectly Windows based platforms?

    The answer may surprise you:
    Gamers tend to have the latest and the greatest hardware. And also about software.
    But sometimes software will be out of one's reach in terms of control.
    Not opening a debate, but Windows has it's own problems.
    So, a gamer may and could try a bleeding edge OS, having the total control of whatever is going on. Times changed a lot and there are so many ways today to try gaming in Linux.
    EndeavourOS being Arch-based offers the latest kernels, latest Mesa versions and graphics drivers.
    More to it, one can mix and try different things and different kernel parameters and even tweak power consumption of their graphics cards.
    I present you this distro and their community, as a gratitude for the developers and our community.
    Yes, I am a proud member and that's a reason why I recommend this distro. Because I've tried it with all computer builds and hardware I've could get my hands on and I can testify that this distro can be distiled to one word: Speed.
    All my computers were converted from Antergos to Endeavour painlessly.
    So there you are, one more choice for Linux and gaming on it.
    @Hilbert Hagedoorn the Endeavour Devs are from Netherlands. So much dedication for your fellow humans. Hats off to you people, you inspire us all.
    Godspeed !
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