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    I'm using fraps to record crysis2.

    I want to find the best way and settings to encode and attach togheter the videos that result by this record.

    Can you tell me how to do it and show a youtube loaded video you made?

    I used SUPER from erightsoft, but with that I can't attach the videos togheter.
    With windows live movie maker I didn't get a fairly satisfacting result.

    I used virtualdub to encode and attach them together, but I don't know how to add encoder to this program, and I don't know wich settings to use.

    to record 7 minutes in HD with fraps I have 6 files with 4,5 gb of about 1,5 minute each one.
    After the encoding I reduced the total size from 25 gb to 12. But as it is only 7 minutes I should shorely be able to reduce dramatically this size.

    by the way this is the result of the uploaded video:

    The original files are much better, I would like to get at least these results but in a smaller file :)
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    If you are uploading to Youtube, what does the size of the final file matter?

    People will stream it in whatever they want, whether that's 360p or 1080p.

    Windows Movie Maker is fine (after viewing your vid on youtube) and even has a special setting for 1080p for Youtube.

    You'll see a lot of advice which is based on personal preference, but ultimately when it comes to youtube, the only thing that really means anything is that people stream to whatever they want and you have no control over that. You can't tell people to only watch it in 1080p, especially if they are using a 1280x1024 monitor...

    Personally I use Adobe Premiere Professional for editing and encode on H.264 MP4 @ 25 frames per second.

    btw, you can encode the same file more than once.

    VirtualDub allows (for example) to run a batch job of encoding DivX in as many runs as you want:

    Job 1: 1 pass
    Job 2: 1 pass
    Job 3: 1 pass
    Job 4: nth pass (final)

    This is (from memory) how I used to encode avi/divx from VD, as it gave jaw dropping quality, but took forever and a day to encode.

    I think if you go to 'job control / batch control' there is an option in there for adding encoding passes to the render/encode.

    anyways, drop me a pm or something I can perhaps help you further?


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