El Capitan Worlds Fastest Supercomputer: AMD ZEN4 CPUs & Instinct GPUs offer 2 Exaflops of Compute

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    The ideas shown in the fiction works have brought us, eventually, good technology: because some people dream, others make it happen.
    If there are people making viruses, I'm sure an evil AI could rise from human efforts too, don't need to be a rogue one.
    That said, we humans can't recreate a consciousness, an individual (yet). That requires biological traits, as well as the growing up from baby to adult to form a personality.
    Any AI being developed now would only work within a certain number of pre defined instructions. Taking an input, it would decide the best output.
    What we call AI isn't actually it, it's more of a "Logic Action Programmed Operations Relay", or LAPOR. Yes, I made that up just now.
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