EK Waterblocks Expands with Professional Lineup of Products

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Feb 13, 2020.

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    EK's lineup of barbs and quick disconnects. Why the Koolance name on them?

    Something I missed in a merger recently?

    Sorry I personally have a bad taste in my mouth left over from when Koolance initially released their fittings and they had faulty "O" rings inside. They wouldn't send out new ones and were telling me I had to buy new fittings all together...

    Couldn't send a bag of O rings to me after buying hundreds of dollars of fittings..... Never again Koolance. Never again. Don't care if it was over fifteen plus years ago. Companies need to accept their short comings and admit when they messed up.
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    Koolance first QDs, the VLN or VLN2 or something like that, worked good, I still have them and they still work. However I bought some QD3 which are faster to use, like the one on the picture, where you pull the outer ring which isfaster and they drop less liquid... however as you mentioned the inner gaskets are faulty, all of my QD3s are fu***d after some years, and you can't open them to replace the ring. So I ended up buying some barrow ones, they're freaking gigantic, but I hope they last (and they cost a fraction of Koolance)

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