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Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by SaltyDog, Jul 2, 2002.

  1. SaltyDog

    SaltyDog Guest

    Hey guys. I visit Guru almost daily to check up on the industry and what not. Lately though, I've been finding the editing (or lack thereof) is horrible. Frequently sentences don't make sense, or there are crazy spelling mistakes. I'm just wondering, do you guys edit posts before they're published? In my opinion it would make for a much more professional look if you did. Other than that, the site is cool. Peace.
  2. Dave

    Dave Don Fredo Corleone

    Likes Received:
    posts in the news, or the forums?
    In the forums, there is about 400 of us regulars, in the news, thats probably Marty, but given whats been up with the news database lately, I think we can excuse Marty's spelling.

    can you be more specific?
  3. SaltyDog

    SaltyDog Guest

    Sorry, I meant posts in the news. And yes, I can understand typo's.
  4. WeaZel

    WeaZel Guest

    i've been an editing nut lately with the news actually. well just eiditn long posts. i try not to spellcheck for alot of editors english is a 2nd language so close enough is good enough for me.

  5. SaltyDog

    SaltyDog Guest

    See that I understand, which is exactly why there should be heavier editing or something

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