Easily use DSR with Borderless Fullscreen

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    This has been a old issue with me for a while now.
    Using DSR in borderless fullscreen can be done by changing your desktop resolution, but that's a pain to do every time you want to play the game.

    On a (kinda) unrelated note, what sparked me to do this was I purchased Dragon Quest Heroes II, which is actually true fullscreen.
    But, it will always default to your desktop resolution when you launch it, making DSR a hassle.

    So I found a old program called "nircmd" that allows you to change your resolution from CMD.
    A quick batch file can make switching back and forth seamless.

    DOWNLOAD HERE comes with nircmd.exe and an example batch file
    @echo off
    goto start
    nircmd.exe setdisplay 2560 1440 32
    echo - Your resoution has been switched!
    echo - Pressing any key will go back to native!
    nircmd.exe setdisplay 1920 1080 32
    echo - Your resoution is currently native!
    echo - Pressing any key will switch back!
    goto start2
    Editing the batch file is easy;

    You can make a few batch files for resolutions you want to use in problematic games.
    Just launch the batch file before you launch your game, should be pretty self explanatory from there.

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