Dying Light 2

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    Quarantine zone...no thanks lol Only if there's no other choice. God knows what's lurking there.
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    Yeah I like the reveal and buildup following the traces back to the ground zero and how it gets worse as you keep exploring and getting out of the initial areas but Dying Light mostly just made it feel like "Hooray" instead finally getting through the sewer section (Hits harder for those who remember the Dead Island extended sewer segments that game liked using. :D ) and then seeing the inner city and getting past the slums and having a whole new area to explore and it's also quite a striking difference to the slums before although there's more infected and bandits as well even if there's room to run across large parts just via rooftop traversal and parkour climbing.

    Jungle area and Prison were a bit mixed in Dead Island though they had their moments, early resort near the beach and the city are what I remember most fondly and then there's the sewers which felt like they really dragged on. :D

    EDIT: Dying Light also made it a bit shorter as I remember so while there are some winding paths it's less of a bother but getting out is still a bit of a euphoric moment ha ha.

    EDIT: Suppose Stalker also is worth a mention getting through the anomaly known as the brain scorcher and opening a path into Pripyat even if it's a bit cut in the original game compared to what could have been.

    Will be interesting to see how Dying Light 2 goes, if it's more open from the get go or more narrative in opening up and letting players explore gradually even if there's some faction system and different districts and power play in effect for control over these or what I recall from the early videos.
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    Some 25 plus minutes of gameplay :D

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    For me this feels too much like dishonored with zombies and not enough dying light....

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    That is one great video, im really looking forward to this game.
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    This video shows a lot of what was possible in the first Dying Light, only slightly expanded... with a more detailed world/characters.
    How does this "feel like" DisHonored with it's magical powers and supernatural abilities?
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    looks solid.

    something i always wanted from these type of games, such as Dead Island\Dying Light is a bigger focus
    on the difference between guns and melee weapons.

    the way i see it : developers should bring better\fluid, violent, a bit more realistic melee combat. a good example is Condemned.. the melee combat
    was insane for its time. guns on the other hand should be FAR less common and more deadly per shot... shut-gun ? double barrel. assault rifle ? something like M4. some decent sniper rifle, some decent pistol.. and that's about it. big variety in those type of games isn't really needed.. its not CoD or Far Cry.. they should make it more interesting by making guns rare, simple and realistic.
    they should also be very strict on ammo. those changes fit those type of games. you can basically make a baseball bat deadly.. but if you want
    a gun as a last resort, the gun should be nothing special... just a realistic version of it ( recoil\aim\reload time ).

    i know that some people prefer gun-play over melee, but i never felt it in Dying Light or Dead Island. i always felt the world of Dying Light
    will be far more rewarding with realistic guns and making ammo very rare, but melee is something you can always use instantly. like picking up
    a rusty car door if you have nothing and 2 bad guys are chasing you. it just fits ;/ they can use a lot of ideas from Condemned.
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