DXVA2 native decoder missing

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    [SOLVED] DXVA2 native decoder missing

    I performed a clean installation of Windows 10 TH2 (10586) and then installed Catalyst 15.11 beta UnifL v1.0 from Leshcat. The issue is that DXVA2 native decoder is not being installed. Unfortunately, I can't attach any screenshots, but these are the evidences that DXVA2 native decoder was not installed:

    1) in K-Lite Codec Pack (11.7.0 Full) wizard, in Hardware Acceleration, DXVA2 native is missing from Decoding Method drop down list. The only options available are SW decoding, DXVA2 copy-back and Intel QuickSync.

    2) in MPC-HC, in Playback Output, Enhanced Video Render (EVR), EVR CP and Sync Render are missing from DirectShow Video drop down list. Only Video Mixing Renderer 9 and few other decoders such as madVR are available.

    I already tryed installing newer video driver from Catalyst 15.11.1 beta, but DXVA2 native decoder is still unavailable.

    It means I can't use EVR nor EVR CP decoder. TBH, this issue started when I uninstalled Catalyst UnifL 15.11 UnifL (with DDU) and reinstalled it, then I got error messages that MPC-HC was unable to use EVR CP decoder. Any idea on how to install DXVA2 native decoder again? Thanks in advance.

    edit: I found out how to solve it: for those who have Windows 10 N & KN flavours, install Media Feature Pack for november update:


    I installed this update and rebooted, and when I checked MPC-HC, EVR and EVR CP were available again :)
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