DVI-VGA Converter Dummy Plug Resistors

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    2 x MSI 7970 Lightning
    I am getting :bang:'ly frustrated ..... :)

    Just finished a new build, and the last job is make up a dummy plug for the second VGA card. They are seperated inside the tower for cooling reasons - both have an Accelero Xreme 5970 cooler attached - and so cant be Crossfire. Anyway the apps I use it for will control access to both cards via application software. Solution to making the second card "live" is make a Dummy plug with circa 75ohm resisters in the DVI-VGA converter plug.

    A 30 second job ....

    The frustration is making 110% sure I am using the correct type of resistor. To watch a 5970 die on me through the use of the wrong resistor type would not be much fun .... 10Pence kills £500, not going there :)

    I am getting conflicting advice, and would be gratefull for an assist. The type I am thinking of is :

    RS Components Metal Film Axials - even there, there are several different types ....

    Thoughts appreciated

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