DVI-D vs CABLES(blue,green, red)

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    I own a LCD HDTV that supports up to 1080i and im using RBG cables but im not getting TRUE HD quality. I was wondering will DVI solve this issue or is that all COMCAST can provide
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    To get a true HD signal to your HDTV set you need to use either the following:

    Component Cables

    Everything else doesn't work!

    So yes DVI will do it for you.
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    Remeber that only CRT based HDTVs can truely output interlaced frames. 1080i will need to be deinterlaced for everything else.
    Most HDTVs have basic deinterlacing built right in.

    first I would check if your reciever is set to 1080i , since Component is capable of transmiting 480i, 480p, 1080i, 720p signals. By default, the reciver may output 480i, and needs to be set to 1080i.

    However i recommend veiwing using 720p if you use LCD, DLP, Rear Projection (non DLP based), or Plasma HDTVs. Progressive frames are better than interlaced frames because you ony get half the resolution with interlaced. 1080i will actualy be 540p, making 720p superior.

    You might want to adjust contrast, brightness, sharpness, color saturation, and if you got LCD: back light level. Manufacturere defaults are usualy very lax. Just grab you best looking DVD and freeze it at great scene. Just ajust those settings untill you get the best picture quality. This simple process can significantly improve video quality.
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    i have a HD/Digital Cable Box...I cant find any settings that will let me change it to 720p

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    I forget the method if you have a DCT series there is a method but I forgot which buttons you push. I think you power down the unit using the button then just hit either info or menu then use the ch + - to change options it will also bring up the menu on your tv. Go to Motorola for the PDF or AVS forums for the how to.
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    Your assumption that you only get half the frames (540) with 1080i is only partly true. It depends entirely upon the display's deinterlacing method. This is an example of 'you get what you pay for.' The simply fact of the matter is that the higher end plasmas and LCDs all do proper deinterlacing without discarding half the of resolution.

    What is scary is that the vast majority of cheaper digital displays do as you mention above. There is a nice article someone wrote about this subject, I will search for it. If my memory is correct, Panasonic and Pioneer plasmas all passed this test, most Sharp LCDs failed, but I can't remember the other manufactures... I'll go hunting for that article...



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