dual shock 4 usb adapter worth it?

Discussion in 'Consoles & console games' started by tsunami231, Oct 9, 2017.

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    is it worth getting this? i been reading alot of reviews that hit or miss. it also seem to VERY hard to find, short marketplace shops, ebay etc and few shops that do have it seem be charging double it MSRP.

    I starting to lean to using my DS4 on my pc instead getting, seeing the only gamepad i can find that is both d/x input that is use the dual shock layout/shape is F710 which has alot bad reviews over drivers issue and horrible wireless range. and who know if and when logitech will release new version and if it will fix those issue.

    I already have Bluetooth adapter , but it like Bluetooth 1.0 or 2.0 at best, I can connect to to my pc with and most steam games work with it, i not sure on the input lag though, at best it as good as the cordless rumblepad 2 i have which isnt that stellar to begin with. cause there is time where moving the analog sticks to move camera and character is lagy and very noticeable. if wasnt for fact the 2 analog stick buttons work 50% time pressed i wouldnt even bother,

    really prefer game pad using the ds layout/style that is both d and x input. but most places seem to gravitying to Xbox style which i dont like

    MSI GC30 look interesting but it got 800mh battery and xbox style layout.
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    Not quite sure what you mean by "usb adapter for ds4" since it works as a generic pad, if its this then its probably not gonna change anything since the ds4 only uses bluetooth 2.1+edr anyway(if the adapter you have is 2.0+edr that is), .

    also you can use this fine piece of software to emulate a 360 controller for compatibility with games that dont support generic pads , its pretty light weight and doesn't introduce much input lag as far as i can tell.
    very useful for ds3 controllers aswell
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    I own one and its very compatible with alot of Steam games and normal games alike. I use the DS4 controller for PS4 Remote play and the emulation of Sony Consoles (PS1,PS2 & PSP) If you use programs like Input Mapper or DS4 Windows you can make games think that you are using an Xbox Controller which is compatible with the DS4 usb adapter. I would say its worth it over your current solution if you had a Bluetooth 4.0/4.1 adapter then it wouldn't be worth it. There is no lagg of any kind when moving the character and the camera when using the DS4 adapter. But if you want a cheaper solution then you could get a Bluetooth 4.0/4.1 adapter and use the controller that way. But if you can find one for like 20-30 bucks then go for it.
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    You can get a 4.0/4.1 adapter for like £5 that'll do the job.

    It's random luck it seems what cheap adapter is good though. I bought a branded Asus one and it's trash, could never get it to connect without serious lag. Got 2 cheap ones on ebay and the first 4.0 one I tried has like 1.5ms input lag

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