Dual core or Quad core debate on Triple SLI

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by Rjudgey, May 28, 2009.

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    gigabyte gtx285
    mate i suggest oyu try real world games instead of vantage (often it doesnt correlate with the performance in games)
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    Don't worry mate i will be all in good time, just still experimenting with the Chip and the Graphics cards to get the fastest and most stable platform and as you know that takes a while and vantage is just easier to get up and running and testing than games so it's just for quick reference at the moment will be posting other things up in due course!

    Another weird one today wasn't too happy with the settings on the chip and mobo so tried a different setup on the CPU FSB and Memory Bus

    On my 780i i have no idea why but on this Quad it's just not happy with FSB's above 1840MHZ I've had it running sweet on 1866 on the E8400 and even 2000 but as that gets the NB way too hot I errr on the side of caution and left at 1866 as the numbers work out better for FSB and Memory Bus.

    So thought I'd try this
    3.68 GHZ on Q9550S at 1.32v (probably go lower on Vcore)
    1733MHZ FSB
    1066 Memory Bus 5-5-5-18 2T with 8GB DDR2
    PCI-E bus speeds std
    Voltages slighty increased above stock with loadline enabled
    Everything to do with speedstep disabled
    Nvidia EX enabled (What is this anyone know?)

    Well scored quite an impressive 27743 with Physx's on and 20976 with off so will be keeping this setup as a base to go further on tweaking with! Only thing i regret is forgetting to run Benchmarks on 3X SLI with E8400 well i did just forget to make a note of them but from memory it didn't improve the scores on 2X by any significant amount anyways just weird that it was higher in the first place with 2X GTX260's? Still don't know why? So Probably for people happy with SLI a stable 4-4.25 GHZ E8400 in the right Mobo with some superfast ram isn't a bad combo for the money just don't expect it to cope with anymore GPU's or any faster ones that might come out then it will really start to struggle!

    Only thing i can think off worth changing is maybe the onboard supreme FX sound that comes with the Asus Striker II formula going to Zonar may help had Creative X-FI but had to pull it out to run the 3rd 260GTX so maybe that is causing the machine to run a bit slower than normal not sure what hit it has on the CPU. I don't think I'll be able to put a Zonar in the PCI-E x1 i have left as the North bridge heatsink is too big and it will obstruct my fan on the CPU a little bit so may have to try USB version anyone know if they are any good and will have hit on CPU?

    So i think the moral of the story is if you really want hardcore gaming you have to change the CPU and the GPU's at the same time these days the old days of doing the CPU then wait a year and do the GPU's is over just annoying that Intel have to keep changing the specs of the boards pretty much a new socket design every five minutes these days although LGA775 lasted a while the first generation chipsets were uncompatible with every new processor that came out soon after there release! Would be nice to go back to the good old days of Socket 7 and Slot 1's where pretty much everything was compatible even on later generation stuff would still work in first gen boards although maybe not at the right speeds lol!

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