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    I have a Asus 1650 Nvidia Card. I am running an Iogear 1808 KVM. I have been able to get its VGA (dsub) port to read the card on boot about 2 out of 100 times, so I believe it can.

    I have a displayport -> dsub adapter (also tried HDMI -> dsub adapter).

    If I run HDMI straight to the monitor, no problem. KVM problem. What I was wondering is there a way to keep a "dsub out of range" from happening. This happens at POST, so I can't go and set any of the parameters in windows.

    Thanks in advance
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    3080Ti 1950/21.4g
    Time to get an HDMI or DisplayPort KVM? CKlau is a brand that i have had good success with.

    Is there any reason you still need to use a VGA KVM?
    The conversion logic in an active digital to analog converter such as displayport/hdmi to dsub can be iffy too.

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