DRS + DLSS in Future Titles

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    Currently there are some titles on PC that support "Dynamic Resolution Scaling" (Titanfall 2 for example). What this does exactly is covered here by Digital Foundry here: where they talk about a recent mod that unlocks DRS from the console versions of the DOOM 2016 on PC with some very interesting results.

    One thing I'd be very curious to see is "Dynamic Resolution Scaling" combined with Nvidia's "Deep Learning Super Sampling" (which has reportedly been dramatically improved in its latest release in Wolfenstein Young Blood). This could be especially interesting for users who would rather vary the image resolution than the framerate/users who are targeting a specific framerate where presently DLSS only works off a static resolution that never varies with load.

    So, for example, of course DOOM 2016 does not have DLSS support (though DOOM Eternal likely will), but imagine you as a user are attemping what Alex is attempting in that DF video linked above where you want a locked 60 fps on midrange hardware with your high resolution monitor.

    DRS can get you there, but you all it does is standard/traditional upscaling -- instead, one could theoretically "upgrade" that upscaling to image reconstruction like DLSS. Would be really interesting to test/see results for I think.
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    DOOM Eternal will have DLSS 2.0. Not sure if it'll have it at launch...but it'll probably be a better implementation that Young Blood. Can't wait!
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    Sure if you don't mind your game occasionally looking like ass.
    I'd rather have traditional upscaling personally. And DRS I can see a use for in specific circumstances, though i'd still rather have a stable level of performance and consistent image quality at a lower resolution instead of dynamic resolution where it's constantly shifting. TAA already causes enough issues with image quality consistency. Let alone dynamic res with DLSS that might only kick in when performance drops the resolution. It would look like ass to my eyes. (And DLSS shares some issues with TAA). The one video i've seen with supposed "DLSS 2.0" still looks awful.

    At that point i'd opt to play it on a different lower resolution monitor/TV instead. But the more options the merrier. I'm sure for many it would be an acceptable option.
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    DLSS only performs optimally on a limited set of resolution ratios (render/display), so it's not very scalable (this dynamic switch would be on/off rather than steps between 0.75x, 0.5x, etc).

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