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    I just completed a new install of XP Pro on a new MB. Windows
    auto loaded a display driver from Nvidia during the installation that I would like to update. I looked at Seraph's driver update sticky, but I have no reference to Nvidia display drivers in my "add/remove program" area in Control Panel.

    If I go to display settings->advanced, look at the driver information and hit "update driver" XP says I will be removing my video card from the system. My question is, if I ignore this warning, after reboot will I be able to (or need to) run Driver Cleaner?

    Thanks for the help. I had the process down in 98SE but XP adds a few wrinkles to the process.
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    Just go to driver props after xp loads the stanard driver (what ever it is) Use the update driver tab and than do a manual install. Don't let windows look for a driver, just unzip the driver you want to use in a folder that you can find. Click browse and go to that folder and highlight the inf. file and proceed with the install. If you get a warning message about an unsigned driver, ignore it and complete the install. Reboot and bang, your done. For a more detailed explaination go to Marty's driver install in the nvida driver section of this fourm

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