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Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Ghouldini, May 26, 2004.

  1. Ghouldini

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    Hello, newbie here. Last time I lurked and grabbed some drivers the drivers listed showed the user rating next to them. I thought they were moved into each driver's page like the utility files have showing, but nope.

    I found this info helpful as some drivers work well for XP but the same version for 98 was mediocre, or vis versa.

    Is there a new location to see these?


    Next, maybe just in my case, but I first registered with the main site. I thought that would also have registered me in the forums, but nope, had to do it again. Anyway, I got 2 emails for the activation link. Glitch maybe, or maybe everyone is getting 2. Now the forums activation was just one email. Just thought I would mention I got 2 the first time.

    The question here is, if I got to separately register for the forum, why register for the site? I mean downloads don't require logging in. Should make registering for forums and site as one, or just drop the site one (unless that's for newsletters or other stuff).

    It's kind of a drag to do it twice that's all. Yeah, I am lazy.
  2. Ghouldini

    Ghouldini Guest

    Hmmmm, 6 months and no reply to the first part of that post.
    gee, I thought these forums would have had more traffic than that.

    Any ETA on a humanoid lifeform actually coming on by the forums and maybe shedding some light on why the ratings are gone?

    What, there IS a lot of traffic here?
    Maybe nobody replies to newbies here, just like at Anandtech.


    BTW the quick reply don't work. It wants one to log in.
    That's not how that is supposed to work, at least at the many other forums I am part of.
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    Quick reply works fine (using it now). And sorry man, I simply do not have the time to answer each and every question that I receive trough email/forum/icq etc etc.

    Good news though, I'm in the process of merging the forums and file-section database to make use of the same account.

    Even better news, you don't need to be registered or logged in to actually be able to download.

    Driver rating - that was the old file-section content management software.

    Well, see you around in another six months ;)

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