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    Back a couple month ago I asked about a issue I was having where I thought the screen was rolling. You gave me some answers. So I was reading on another forum and someone was talking about the driver timming out. I have never heard of this but, the issue I am having seems to be more like the driver disengaging and reengaging. Dose this make amn sense?

    What driver should I be using? The AMD site usually ofers 3 drivers. 1. recommended (whql), 2.without (whql) 3. a pro driver.

    Also should I just install the driver without all that other stuff?
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    If you stick to borderless fullscreen/windowed you should have less problems, newest driver also seems to have fixed a lot of those black screen issues.
    You can also switch renderers/turn off Hardware Acceleration for you media player/browser if its still happening.
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    If WHQL is 22.5.1 still, that's ideal for being the most up-to-date driver before the significant changes made on newer drivers. VR and video encoding was broken in various ways since 22.5.2 in May, and still have some oddities even with 22.10.2.

    The Pro driver I believe used to be notable for being more up-to-date than the latest WHQL Adrenalin/gaming drivers, without having as-drastic of changes found in the newer drivers. I'm not sure if the Pro drivers have the drastic changes in 22.5.2+ or to what degree.

    Non-WHQL are the newest drivers AMD offers and ideally should be tried first unless you're going to be affected by a known issue in the release notes. If you have a 6900 XT, I'd install the latest non-WHQL driver first (currently 22.10.2).
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    Pro drivers are as broken as all drivers after 22.5.1
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