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    RTX 3060TI
    I've experienced a problem only with this driver after using DDU to remove the previous driver and installing 512.95 the computer will not start unless I booted in safe mode. I'm running Windows 11-21H2. I reinstalled it three times with the same problem after reinstalling 512.77 it fixed the problem. Really strange considering it is branch 512
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    GeForce RTX 3090
    Exact, same thing here. It's either that the "Clean Version" is completely f*cked, or it's the overall driver package itself, perhaps maybe Windows 11-specific...?

    About to DDU and revert back to 512.77 myself...
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    Asus RTX 3080 Ti
    Used DDU v18.0.5.1 on Windows 11 22H2 to flush out previous and the older driver the upgrade came with before installing 512.95 (driver, nvcpl and physx only), did not encounter that issue.

    Remembered to follow at least the first step from DDU's Readme.txt?
    Also worth checking the Issues and solutions.txt, could be a BCD issue.
    Not sure how you guys have your boot set, I recommend CSM off (with 11 it should be UEFI and TPM anyway) and Fast Boot disabled both in BIOS as Windows.
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