Downsampling with AMD: Guide and Demonstration

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  1. clorky

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    Hey, actually. I tried that guide on my R9 280X (hdmi). 22inch 1920x1080 - doesn't work. 14.3 beta

    I got all the way to the end, installing the modified reg, i checked several times if there's something wrong. It's all as it's supposed to be:
    I disabled GPU Scaling, ITC is enabled. Are there in CCC any other options that could interfere?
    All i can do is change the desktop resolution to 1920x1081 instead of 1920x1080 (recommended) but can't go any further. Please help!
  2. signex

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    I don't get the last part, how do i downsample from 2560x1080 to 3840x1620?

    No idea how to translate that into hex nor the other stuff.

    Can someone do it for me and export it and upload it online for me?
  3. Agonist

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    This is the error I get when trying to run list.bat. Everything fails when I try it.
    Its pissing me off.

  4. BenYeeHua

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    It is because somehow it is running at the system32 folder.

    So you need to hold shift, and right click on the white place, then select Open command window here.

  5. Techio

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    Keep running into this error "ERROR: ADL_Display_ModeTimingOverride_Set() failed!" which prevents me from completing the registry hack. I did manage to pass this in the 12.8 drivers and the hack worked but not in 14.2 Beta 3. The exported registry I had from 12.8 will not apply here, even when modifying it following ablev's post.
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  6. TheTrain

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    Ehi guys, i need help. In this registry entries what can i delete to achieve only the 2560x1440 res?

    This was made by guzz and include this downsampled res:

  7. gerardfraser

    gerardfraser Guest


    Well you can try this ,long as you got everything else correct this does work.

    1080p to 1440p

    80 07 to 00 0A

    39 04 to A0 05

    10 0A to 20 08

    80 00 to 30 00

    C8 to 20

    61 04 to 57 04

    39 04 to 38 04

    0A to 05

    C2 A4 02 to E0 22 02
  8. TheTrain

    TheTrain Guest

    Ehi man, it worked!
    Thank you, I've another doubt. If i want to delete this entries is enough to uninstall the driver or i need to do anything else?
  9. cly_evo

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    I have 2913WM dell with 2560*1080 natively. I am playing diablo 3, currrently using WSGF Flawless Widescreen memory hack method to change in game resolution from 1920*1080 to 2560*1080.

    1. Can i downsample from 3840*1620? If not what is the maximum i can downsample from?

    2. What is the registry mod i need to do in reference to quote by gerardfraser, in my case for 2560*1080 from 3840*1620

    3. will it be compatible with flawless widescreen memory hack?

    Thanks gurus for the help
  10. Gravytrain21

    Gravytrain21 Guest

    I got it to work with this, but now all the text in my web browser and stuff is really blurry, can I fix this? Went from 1920x1080@60 to 2560x1440@60

  11. ELCID777

    ELCID777 Guest

    Based Durante (maker of DSfix for Dark Souls) has created a pretty awesome downsampling tool, that is, in my experience, the BEST downsampling tool currently available.

    Get it here.

    GeDoSaTo, the Generic DownSampling Tool

    From the blog:

    "As you can see above, GeDoSaTo works. It currently sports the following features:

    Downsampling, better than any other solution:

    Essentially no resolution limits (beyond those of the GPU)

    Downsampling from more than 4x the resolution is useful (multi-stage downsampling)
    Selection of downsampling methods (not just bilinear sampling)

    Downsampling in linear color space

    Support downsampling to high-frequency (e.g. 120 Hz or 144 Hz) target modes

    Not limited by display hardware

    Take screenshots of either the pre-downsampled full buffer or the actual image

    displayed on screen (automatically sorted in per-game folders!)

    Generic texture overriding for all textures loaded using D3DX

    It uses a far more solid injection and interception method than my earlier efforts

    However, there are plenty of bugs, limitations, and many things I would like in order to call it “complete” are still missing:"

    It's very much still a work in progress, and currently, it only supports DX9 games, but he plans on bringing support to DX11 soon.
  12. DrunkenDonkey

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    That's pretty exciting news, surely will take time for this to mature.
  13. ELCID777

    ELCID777 Guest

    Yeah, it's great news, especially for AMD users.

    The best part of this tool, apart from the amazing IQ it allows you to attain, is that it doesn't require you to mess with any drivers, no windows signature prompts, none of that tedious crap.

    All you need to do set your configuration, activate it, launch the game and pick the resolution, set it, and you're done. It even tells you if it's working or not.

    Here's a few screens.

    Dead Space at 7680x4320



    Sonic Generations at 7k



    DS2 at 4k


  14. DrunkenDonkey

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    2xPC 290 PCS+
    Pure awesomeness! Did you take these screenshots? How is the performance drop relative to the native res, i.e. for 4x as many pixels for exmple? I see that it is using some sophisticated downsampling, so maybe more severe hit?
  15. Noisiv

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    :banana: :banana:

    hmm... the rest of the pics looks superb, but that 1st image, still some aliasing on surface edges
    maybe turn off blur/bloom and add SMAA or just a touch of FXAA

  16. ELCID777

    ELCID777 Guest

    I average a pathetic 19 fps in Dark Souls 2 at 7k. Maybe crossfire performance will get better with a patch or profile, but honestly, the game looks great and it's kind of expected with such a ridiculously high resolution. Also, my VRAM usage goes through the roof at that res, around 2.8 GB or so.

    7k in Sonic Generations is definitely playable. I haven't checked my fps, but I estimate it's near 60.

    Dead Space seems to be over around 50 - 60 fps, even at 7k.

    But these games are not exactly graphically demanding, so performance will definitely take a hit with more demanding games.

    You can literally choose any resolution you desire, though. I just like perfect IQ, so I go with nothing less than 4k.

    BTW, the last picture is from Durante's recent PC Gamers article.
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  17. HiCZoK

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    So no issues using dedosato in Dead Space?

    Also - this was always a question for me. How is aa working in dead space games ? Isnt it only some blur filter? So don't we want to disable ingame aa when downsampling for best iq ?
  18. wasteomind

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    Tried the Gedosato tool with Borderlands 2 and FFXIV.

    BL2 works, but has mouse/menu issues. I tried the options for mouse fixes near the bottom of the ini briefly but didn't seem to resolve anything.

    FFXIV just plain doesn't work with it. Black screen when attempting to use a downsampled resolution.

    Neat tool, but needs more work for sure.
  19. teleguy

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    GTX 1070/Vega 56
    The mouse works fine with these settings:

    # Mouse settings
    # you may have to play around with these a bit to get mouse input working correctly
    # while downsampling in some games
    # Modify the mouse position reported by "GetCursorPos" when downsampling
    modifyGetCursorPos true
    # Modify the mouse position set by "SetCursorPos" when downsampling
    modifySetCursorPos false
    # Intercept the WindowProc callback of the game and adjust mouse messages when downsampling
    interceptWindowProc false
    # Adjust the mouse position reported in peeked Windows messages when downsampling
    adjustMessagePt true
  20. wasteomind

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    EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3
    OH I see the parameters are case sensitive. I'll try again and report back.

    EDIT yep case sensitive. Works now. However with just those two settings enabled, when you open a menu/inventory in game and left click outside the window to rotate your character, the screen goes nuts rotating at super speed.

    Enabling all the mouse options seems to fix this.
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