Downsampling with AMD Crimson: Demonstration

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    It's like one of those "solutions" when you have a headache and it was offered to you to cut off your head to fix it, right?
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    NOW you get it.

    Everybody knows the definitive "solution" for any problem related with AMD GPUs is:

    Buy a Nvidia GPU!

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    Phew! I just figured. I'm not an idi*t after all. But I know that before, 'ya know. Couple of years ago I happened to have my first elderly erectile dysfunction. I applied this "headache solution" method and voila! - Now I don't have any problems at all...
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    Anything new? Also how do i check in registery if crossfire is enabled? The new update glitched and i dont see checkbox when i do the extended settings.

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    Actually i didnt buy a 4k monitor ;)

    and i have 295X2 290 gpu ect ect and with cru i can get 4k resolution @60 working perfectly without frame stuttering with the new monitor i bought that has a default resolution of 2560x1440
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    You can use CRU or other tricks to modify edid files but native resolution is still...native resolution.

    Native resolution is the width and height amount of pixels physically present in your monitor.

    In your 1440p monitor this is 2560x1440.

    You can't get more real pixels from nowhere.
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    I know that ;) hence why im posting in a downsampling thread. ;)
    video and games and desktop still look better though even though the physical pixels are not there...
  8. I can't for the life of me get this to 2560x1440@50hz. I can reach 2560x1440@75hz using CRU (by creating 1920x1080@75hz, it will apply 75hz to every other resolution), and regular 2560x1440@60 from VSR, but I'd really like to have 2560x1440@50hz for when games can stay above 50 FPS but not 60 FPS. I've tried the regular method, and the "Easy Mode" method, and neither work. Is it just not possible to downsample from <60hz or something?
    I'd really appreciate some help with this.
  9. Bump? I could really use the help.
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    @TheInsaneJames, hey. Don't know what are you doing wrong but it's all working good on my end. And I am also OC my display to 75hz via CRU. Here, I changed 75hz to 50hz on 1080p, 1440p, 1530p (via reg entries with custom resolutions) ---

    click on image to full size


    Take a closer look - steps #10-11...
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  11. Alright, I followed the steps again word for word exactly as they are written, and although 2560x1440@50Hz did appear, it's not really 50Hz. When switching to it, my monitor mode stays at [1920x1080 - 60Hz] (instead of showing [H= 56kHz V= 50Hz] like at 1920x1080@50Hz).

    The monitor also doesn't shut off for a second when I go from 2560x1440@60Hz to 2560x1440@50Hz (and vice versa), meaning it's not switching refresh rates at all. It does however do it with 2560x1440@75Hz, and shows the monitor mode as [H= 82kHz V= 75Hz].

    I even tested it in-game just in case, and I can clearly tell it's not 50Hz. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, as I've done everything exactly as per the instructions.
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    Dunno how can I help. It's working fine on my display. It shows as 50hz in display built-in OSD too. Tho I never try to use 50hz before. Don't have too (don't even see the reason why should I)...If I wanna limit frame rate I just go with Afterburner's RTSS...
  13. Well the point is if I cap the framerate at 50 when not at 50Hz, it won't look smooth since there aren't enough frames for the monitor's refresh rate. That's why I wanted 50Hz at higher resolutions, so I could make up for the performance drop by changing it to 50Hz so it would still look smooth.

    I've tried everything, and can't get anything higher than 1920x1080 to work at 50Hz whatsoever.
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    XFX 7900xtx Black
    So I have an LG 29 UMP67-P
    2560x1080 60hz.
    Have a hack inf for 32-75hz for freesync.
    Today I tried 3360x1440 in crimson for custom resolution @ 60hz wit CVT reduced timings.
    It worked but still didnt show up in Windows and games.
    So I used CRU 1.1 and added 3360x1440 @ 60hz, and guess what, IT FRACKING WORKS! I am so damn happy now. Wish I could get something closer to 5k to work but cant. This is still nice and close to the 3200x1800 the 290x does with VSR on 16:9.

    Crysis 3 looks just amazing @ 3360x1440 all maxed out with FXAA and my reshade settings. I still get around 45-60fps on these settings too.
  15. Has AMD Blocked Unlock VSR by Unofficially way in 16.4.1?
    I can't unlock it right now by your method & i had unlocked in 15.12 in my 290x by using your method but when i upgrade it to 16.4.1 the license that has used to come while selecting custom resolution utility in additional settings but now that option is grayed out & i can't even accept those terms & condition.. Any idea?

    I reverted back to 15.12WHQL & now it's working fine
    any one has idea why it isnt working latest crimson?!
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  16. fr33jack

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    Don't know about 16.4.1. And I've already sold my r9 280x :) Last driver I checked - 16.3.2. Works ok there...
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    Wow, thats interesting!!! I had already given up on VSR ultra-widescreen. I'll see if i can replicate this from my end!!! i would be WELL HAPPY to get this running with CF.

    If you have a quick list of things to do/check, let me know.
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    With regards to native resolutions; is there a way to spoof/fake it by editing the edid file?

    I have a 290x and native 720p TV. Naturally VSR has decided that I can only get up to 2560x1440p down sampled but the 290x can go as high as 3409x1917. I've had these reaolutions my 1080p for awhile now.

    The TV does not overclock at all with custom resolutions so I have to use VSR somehow. So ultimately my question is can I make my 720p TV appear as a 1080p TV? And if so, How?
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    RX 5500 XT
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    Try this method...

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