Downsampling with AMD Crimson: Demonstration

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  1. fr33jack

    fr33jack Guest

    Well. We can go to Lisa Su's house and...ask her nicely? Something like:


    Beverly hills. California. Lisa T. Su (AMD CEO) house.

    Two man walking towards door. Doorbell rings.

    Woman walks down the stairs.

    LISA SU:
    Who is it? I'm coming. Just wait a second...

    Door opens. Two fine looking gentleman in fine looking suits are standing there. With "I know it all" smile on their faces.

    Lisa? Dr. Lisa Su?

    LISA SU:
    Yes. That's me. How can I help you gentlemen?


    Fine looking man takes a step and enters the house...


    Later. Same house. Living room. A woman sitting on the couch...whimpers. Two fine looking gentlemen standing in front of her.

    Look, Lisa...please stop breaking our b*lls hurts. Cmon girl! Just stop doin this sh*t. We don't like it...

    He takes a look at his partner...

    ...and stop crying please. You are an adult woman for christ's sake. Here...we bring you a flower...

    He looks at his partner again. Making a hand gesture...

    Hey, dude...sammarbella! Stop staring at her b**bs dude, cmon! We not doin it!..

    Woman takes a look at sammarbella. Whimpers again. Louder. Crying.

    ...give me the flower we brought...YES, yes...this sh*t in your bag. Cmon, dude. Focus! And please stop pointing a GUN at HER FACE! Dude. You freaking me out. Go check the door...
    ...F*K. Right...right, right, right.
    OooKeeey. So. Lisa. Look at me. LOOK-AT-ME! Ok. We good? ARE WE G-O-O-D? You get us? DID YOU GET US?!

    LISA SU (stops whimpering):
    Yes. I do. I think so. I understand. I will do everything you asked. I promise.

    Ok. O-K. Now we leave. Hey, sammarbella...we cool? Everything looks cool outside?

    Sammarbella nods affirmatively. He points his hand to a woman...

    No. NO. We not doin it. Cmon. We cool. Everything's cool. We bounce.

    Two fine looking gentlemen in fine looking suits walking towards door. One of them looks back to a woman...

    Hey. Lisa?..

    LISA SU (still whimpers):

    Did you like the flower?..

    Woman looks at cheap plastic garden flower covered with mud...

    LISA SU:
    Yes. Yes I do. It looks...very...sublime...

    FR33JACK (smiles):
    You welcome.

    Two fine looking gentlemen in fine looking suits walking out of the house towards parked car...

    FR33JACK (speaking to his partner):
    And you was sayin that she doesn't like the flower. They do...chicks dig the flowers and stuff...


    Car engine starting up. it slowly pulls away from the house.

    Thin man standing at the gate. He is dressed up in a fine looking dark coat with classic bogart fedora on his head. He stands in the deep shadows. His face are hidden in the dark. He pulls out a lighter and lights a cigarette. His eyes appeared for a moment...they fixed on the departing car.

    There was the sound of a car explosion. The sound of the torn metal parts falling on the road...

    Thin looking man turns back and leaves the scene. His form dissapears into darkness of the night shadows...



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  2. sammarbella

    sammarbella Guest


    Don't mixup things, it was you staring at those boobs...

    ...I was looking at her drivers!

  3. amine4ever

    amine4ever Guest

    hahahaha what a story!!! you made my day sir!! :D
  4. fr33jack

    fr33jack Guest

    If you read transitions and such in Morgan Freeman voice in your head it will be even more cooler :D

  5. amine4ever

    amine4ever Guest

    your story made me laugh hard then i remembered we can't go 4K...
  6. The Mac

    The Mac Guest

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    Sapphire R9-290 Vapor-X
    im not going back into this again.

    samarbella has been on iggy for months (yes i know he responds to my posts, i see him quoted periodically but i never read them) because of his attitude about this, its frickin annoying.

    AMD has made their statement, i have accepted it.

    All hardware has added functionality by 3rd party programs. Use them.
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  7. sammarbella

    sammarbella Guest

    The true fact is you did it.

    Please post my nickname correctly: you lost one "m" in it, i will never dare to write your nickname in a wrong way. :)

    I know you are able to write it correctly even not reading the quotes you said you never read and where you know what was posted about you.

    Ofc my attitude is annoying for someone posting proven lies even by quotes of text posted by himself.

    The exposed truth is always annoying for the one who use to post proved lies.

    I'm sorry that i'm not able to fall at your level and insult you as you expected sooo much for sooo long.

    I have enough posting the truth and your own words.

    I know my English is s**** but my level of education and politeness is up to par, it's a pity that a few like you are not so up to par in here.

    Your attitude is not annoying for me, in fact i found it very funny.

    Go on, more you post, more we know you.


    It was very boring in here in the weeks when you were all hidden under a rock.

    A true believer words.

    At some times you have doubts about the "faith" but not for very long time.

    It's like the solution someone with a 290X gave me not so long ago for the lack of 4K VSR in recent months drivers:

    "I have no problems with 4K VSR lack in 290X....I bought a 4K monitor!"

    Well the "easy" and "definitive" solution for AMD drivers and GPUs is not 3rd party tools to unlock or add locked features in AMD drivers....

    .....It's buying 3rd party hardware, specifically Nvidia GPUs!


    Until my actual AMD GPUs are useless i will follow asking the full performance from them cause i paid the full price to buy them and they where the top of his class not something on the cheapo discount.
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  8. zerowalker

    zerowalker Guest

    Confused, can VSR be enabled with Crimson on my 6970, or is it totally gone?
  9. mysteriously

    mysteriously Guest

    You can not enable it officially via cnext control pannel ON/OFF toggle button.
    You can enable it unofficially using custom made registry entry. OP describes how to make it.
  10. zerowalker

    zerowalker Guest

    Okay tried messing around but i am not sure if i am doing things correctly.

    I export the registry key and replace the hex data, i am however confused if both entries of the resolution is supposed to be changed or only the first.

    Cause if i change both, the resolution will appear and when i change to it it will basically blackscreen my system.

    If i change the first, it will appear but changing to it just says "Windows could not change your display to this resolution. Try a different resolution".

    So i must be doing something wrong.

  11. fr33jack

    fr33jack Guest

    @zerowalker, "easy VSR" method wont work for you?

    Check your display settings again. Especially for this:

    - disable gpu scaling from CCC/Crimson
    - uncheck "Hide modes" that this monitor cannot display" in win resolutions/ Advanced tab
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  12. BAZOKA1942

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    sapphire r9 390
    i have 16/10 screen that support 1680*1050 natively
    and also support 1920*1200 in bios edid so i add it to my screen my question is : ?
    when do that vsr make 3804*2130 but upscaled in 1920*1200 so i wanna force vsr to do it in 1680*1050 cause is sharp and i dont get edid message from samsung that this 1920*1200 its not recommended limitation you know t 220 tnx ^^
  13. zerowalker

    zerowalker Guest

    I am a bit confused about the easy mode thing.
    My registry isn't the same, and i also use 1920x1200.
    Will try again with the Hide Modes thing.

    But still, am i supposed to change both resolution variables in the registry or just one, cause 1920 appears in 2 places, same with "1200" in my case.

    EDIT: With how i am doing now, i can without GPU Scaling and Hide Modes go into a higher resolution without freezing the system, however it's just a black screen and i have to press ESC in order for it to revert to my previous resolution;P

    EDIT2: okay i could actually get it working for 2560x1440, however not 2560x1600, but from my understanding that's the limit.
    Sadly i kinda need that one as i got 16:10, but well at least it somewhat works, and that's nice;D

    EDIT3: And i got it working, anything is possible even for me, knowledge seems to actually be power:)
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  14. fr33jack

    fr33jack Guest

    Question to R9 290 owners:

    Guys, I really considering atm to buy myself a 290 card. Found one for around 150-170$. So, what the max custom downsampled 16:9 resolution (or VSR) you've got with it? 3360 x 1890?

    PS. Happy NY!
  15. ablev

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    Sapph Nitro+ 5700XT
    For me is it 3408x1917.
    I´ve changed my DALNonStandardModes settings ...
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    ... and 3408x1917 works good with my games.

    Fallout 4
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Happy new year, ablev
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  16. sammarbella

    sammarbella Guest

    My GPUs have "X" but AFIK it doesn't make a difference for VSR:

  17. fr33jack

    fr33jack Guest

    Tnx, guys. Will do some tests on this weekend. But dammit...f-Polaris?! And already in this year. Jeez, what the f-point. I'll suffer a little more with my current 280x then :D
  18. Plug2k

    Plug2k Ancient Guru

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    from my monitor i can get 3840x2160 native 16.9 aspect ;D
  19. fr33jack

    fr33jack Guest

    @Plug2k, and? What exactly are you trying to say by that? Please, continue.
  20. sammarbella

    sammarbella Guest

    It's obvious.

    He applied the "solution" posted not long time ago in this forum for the lack of 4K VSR support in drivers for GCN 1.1 GPUs:

    Buy a 4K monitor!

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