Download link for 9.1 catalyst drivers!!!

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    Dude, you've made your point a couple of times here. We get it. You're tired of people posting problems with multi-gpu setups.

    I think most people post on this thread for feedback and/or help with the 9.1 drivers. That's the Topic. One person's experience can help another person's problem... Not a lecture on how Crossfire and SLI setups are too complicated for coders to program, and anyone who buys them has no right to ask questions, post problems or in a worse case scenario get frustrated and complain. Seriously, why have an ATI drivers forum if you expect just posts with driver updates and everyone clapping their hands at how good they are.

    Your happy with your single card -good for you. Some of us like and/or need more power (I have a Dell UltraSharp 3008WFP 30-inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor) for our work, games and apps. The Crossfire and SLI systems are appealing to many for multiple reasons, and if you've noticed on the guru3d gpu chart - the top scores are mostly Crossfire and SLI setups (CrossX 4850's are 3rd on 3dmark06). Furthermore, Motherboard and PSU companies have been designing and producing multi-gpu compatible components for a while, and now 3-4 GPU setups are becoming very affordable with the X58 having the option of CrossX or SLI on the same board for just over $200. And guess what? Reviewers/testers and consumers are getting them to work just fine. My Crossfired 4850's have worked great since I bought them back in June to run with my 24"WFP at 1920x1200, when nearly every review site declared the 2x4850 the best bang for your buck setup. I then added the 30" for a Core i7, Asus Rampage II Extreme LGA 1366 X58 mobo for my current CrossfireX setup, and am debating on whether to get two 4870's or two NVid. ATX280's for a more poweful output. That's just my choice and I'm happy that option is open.

    Sure there's a few problems with scaling - as you mentioned, people need to be aware of that, but don't talk down to those of us who have a 2 gpu setup when new drivers are released and have conflicts with our cards. Yea, 2 card drivers are a bit more challenging for programmers to write, no sh!t, that's what they get paid for and that's why support employees need to hear feedback about faulty codes or software conflicts. These cards aren't free and the programmers aren't exactly Linex volunteers releasing shareware for no profit, so stop making excuses for them when people post their problem or aggrevation when something goes wrong. We're all trying to problem solve and get things to work right. That's the beauty of a forum.

    Just my 2 cents. I don't won't to get in a shouting match with you, so don't expect any rebuttle from me as I just wanted to show the importance of multi-gpu members posting their problems here with the install of new ATI drivers.

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