DONT UPDATE your Samsung BD Player

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    Samsung just slaped theyr Customers over, BIG TIME...

    Blu-ray player HT-J5500w, BD-JM57C, and a lot more other models, keep cycling on/off whenever plugged in. Happened to every one who let that thing connect to the internet.

    Samsung broke those players with an Update, most of them are out of warranty also.
    Reseting the device also does not work. Way to make your Customers buy new stuff, im shure they will buy another Samsung BlueRay Player from you again.

    What a clusterduck, its allready 24 Pages full (15 min. later - 36 Pages) and everyone has teh same Problem.

    Are you able to see the menu and current software version? Please provide the full model code and the current software version of the device.

    I don't know about anyone else, but I cannot even get mine to stay on long enough to get the software version.
    We have two units and have the second one (the one that is still working) temporarily disconnected from the internet.

    another one:
    Samsung_Thanos must have snapped his fingers. I'm in the same boat as all y'all! Samsung, you should be embarrassed and ashamed.

    and another:
    Same for my HT-J5500w. I just got off the phone with support. I had to create a service ticket since my system is out of warranty and after almost 2 hours I was asked for an $80 service fee to proceed. This is their fault and was intended by Samsung if you ask me to take our money and force to upgrade. I will never own another Samsung product and will tell everyone I see in a store looking at those products about this.

    The Forum is very Angry over @ Samsung LOL

    as of now, theres is no statement from Samsung.

    So, just a friendly heads up from me, if you own an samsung BD Player, dont, i repeat, DONT let it UPDATE!!! until this is resolved..

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    Probably the same crap they did to people that bought their CableCard compatible cable box several years ago.....

    I bought a Samsung cable box that supported CableCard. After several months, they released an update that caused the box to power cycle. Contacted Samsung and got transferred around the customer support, with every "agent" swearing another department was responsible for it. Finally got to 1 person that asked exactly what happened. I explained the issue, they denied it and hung up on me. I went and bought a second one. It worked perfectly until I let it download that same update....after which, it immediately began power cycling. Samsung intentionally bricked the boxes and refused to warranty any of them.... They wanted the boxes gone.
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