Dolby surround Pro-logic testing utility

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    G'day m8's<br>
    Again, a request from the Norwegian ozzy(international student.. <IMG SRC="smileys/cool.gif"> <br>
    Just bought a pair (or is it triplet?)of Altec Lansing's ADA 305, and BOY do they have amaaazing sound! <IMG SRC="smileys/tongue.gif"> and I 'm talking quality not how loud they are as some members seem to think is the most important feature.. he he..some of those PA systems beeing listed here..well..they wouldn't even fit in my tiny college room.<br>
    enough blabbering.. is there a free(!) software utility to test the set up of Dolby Pro-Logic speakers that you guys know of?<br>
    Or is there a easier a track from a Pink Floyd album or something..<br>
    ADA 305, Highly recommended!(Win2000 users, the software that controls each speaker individually doesn't work with Win2K, just a little note.) <IMG SRC="smileys/frown.gif"> <br>
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    crap........i did read somewhere........oh no that's to test your soundacadr
  3. -=PaRaDoX=-

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    download the Lucasarts Star Wars Dobly Surround THX sounds!<br>
    they sound A M A Z I N G ! from napster or something<br>
    just type surround and they will show up!<br>
    got myself 4 BOSE speakers 200watt<br>
    2 JBL's 100watt<br>
    from my SBlive to my mixer to my surround sound turbo hi-fi super sound system :))
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    Abit GeForce 3
    me no have 5.1 <IMG SRC="smileys/frown.gif">

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