Does the 8700k needs water cooling ?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by javier9lt, May 14, 2018.

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    Hi, im building a new pc with the i7-8700k as processor. I was going to use the Cooler Master Hyper 212X as air cooling system as i was not thinking on overclocking for now. A friend told me that water cooling was necessary on those big CPUs so now im worried the 212X would not be enough. I was looking at the Corsair Hydro Series H110i as water cooling system, but it takes my build a bit out of budget.

    What do you guys think? I should buy the water cooling for that processor? There are cheaper water coolings that would work good too, as the Corsair Hydro H45? Thanks for your help
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    I don't think you need watercooling for any CPU, not even with mild overclocks. Stock coolers usually don't work all too good for Intel, but a good air cooler will let you easily run your 8700K with an overclock even.
    The guru3d reviews usually are done with an AIO cooling, but that's not a necessity for stock operation. And a good air cooler can be as effective as a not top notch, average AIO kit.

    Effectively it comes down if you want to run a fat overclock, or not. Money invested in a reasonable air cooler helps you with mild overclocks / temps / noise of the rig during operation.
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    If you can find in yours area Noctua NH-D15S or Thermalright Le Grand Macho RT or BeQuiet Dark Rock then yiu should be OK there with reasonable OC,few guys running Le Grand Macho RT with 8700k and their OC is usually around 4.7-4.9GHz, some guys running 5.0GHz on their Le Grand Macho RT

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura
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    For stock clocks, no your cooler is perfectly fine.

    Just use a quality paste.

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    No. Very few CPUs need water cooling. None of them are consumer CPUs. We do water cooling to get the last MHz possible in our OC, not because we actually need it.

    With that being said, closed-loop water coolers can be pretty neat. They require zero maintenance and they perform as well as the best air coolers, but can have huge benefits when it comes to airflow inside the case, which in turn benefits the GPU a lot. Huge air coolers tend to clog airflow around the GPU. A closed-loop water cooler leaves the space above the GPU completely free, and it pushes air out of the case, meaning you need one less fan* in the case, which lowers noise.

    * Depends on the air cooler though. If you intended to get an air cooler with only 1 fan, you don't save a fan when going closed-loop water. If you intended to use a bigger 2-fan air cooler though, then a closed-loop water cooler will save you 1 fan.
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