Does having GPU fans run at max reduce their lifespan ?

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by OC-CO, Aug 30, 2017.

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    Ok, so here's the thing.

    Recently, I've been noticing temperatures on my GPU (MSI GTX 980 TI Gaming) reaching some high 70's, and since I'd rather not have my GPU run at 80+C I setup my fans to run at 90% on 70C, now the thing is since I game heavily (4-8h), and since temps almost always reach 70C (if the game is utilizing 100% GPU) does having the fans always running at 90% reduce their lifespan or can it damage them ?
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    It can, to both. The more relevant question is: "Will it matter?"

    Fan bearings deal with friction their entire life. Friction will eventually wear away whatever two (or more) pieces are rubbing together. You can take steps to reduce it (bearings, lubricants, etc) but it will always be there, and there's a good chance (though I can't easily find evidence either way) that these fans are only sleeve bearings for cost purposes. Running them faster means more friction, which means they'll wear more quickly, thus failing more quickly; but whether that means they'll last 3 years instead of 5, or 1 year instead of 5, I don't know enough to be able to tell you (either about the theory or the card in question).

    Can it damage them, though? Under ideal circumstances, no - it won't do any damage. Again, though, without knowing the specific card in question with access to tools that I'm not entirely sure how to use properly, it's hard to say for certain whether it's an ideal situation or not. Since they're spinning faster it will exacerbate any underlying conditions, such as voids or cracks in the sleeves, or any dust/other particles which may get introduced. It's the difference between rolling a tyre slowly over a nail or hitting one at 60mph - one will result in a slow leak with no real consequences, while the other has a good chance of a crash-inducing blow-out.

    But, as to whether it's going to matter for your circumstances? I'd wager not. Listen to them every now and then for changes to the sound that could indicate a problem, but otherwise they'll probably last long enough that you'll have replaced the card before it's an issue.
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    Ya know....back in the day.....we ran fans at full speed for years with no issues.... I have systems that I built almost 10 years ago, that are still using the same 3-wire fans that were originally installed in them.
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    Run your fans at whatever you are comfortable with. That is what they are made for. You will not wear them out.!!!

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    Of course running something at a high rate as opposed to a lower rate, this will wear it out quicker.

    But as said they're designed to run at high RPM so it won't damage them at all and they won't wear out any time quickly.

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