Does Google, Samsung, or anyone have anything to match Apple's Continuity?

Discussion in 'Tablets and Smart Phones' started by Espionage724, Jul 23, 2021.

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    A MacBook, iPad, Apple Watch, and iPhone all cover the 4 major device formats (laptop, tablet, watch, phone), and with Handoff and other Apple continuity features, all 4 devices can communicate and pick-up information from each other. If someone calls my phone, I can receive the call on any of the other 3 devices. If I want to use my iPad as a secondary screen to my Macbook, I can. I can control music playback on my phone from my watch. Basically, Continuity is quite nice :)

    I would like to eventually go back to Google's ecosystem though, but I'm unsure if they have anything like Apple's Continuity:
    • For the watch, apparently there's a Pixel watch that will come out in the future
    • I'm unsure how well Android phones communicate with Chromebooks
    • Not aware of Google doing anything with tablets since Nexus (presumably they replaced tablets with Chromebooks?)

    Samsung mobile devices I've generally disliked in the past (bloated mess when it comes to themes and forcing social network apps that can't be removed even on flagships), but I wonder how they are nowadays? They have the phone, tablet, and watch platforms (not sure on continuity), but I thought they were on their own OS (not Android; Tizen?), so presumably it wouldn't "talk" too well to Chromebooks or Android devices in-general?

    I'm generally wondering if any vendor can compare to Apple's Continuity nowadays? I may be able to do without the tablet.
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    IMO no they cant. and alot people around here dont seem to like apple.

    I dont like Apple but will say this I will never own Google/Android Phone for bunch reason you mention above even if I barely use those things. I also think Android is as prone to malware and virus as windows, IT lot harder to fubar IOS devices because the closed nature of it also not as easily fixed seeing you can just messed around with OS files like Android or Windows you useless with 1 option to fixs this factory reset the device. Which why I think such premium on Apple devices. Apple devices are alot easier none tech people to understand compared to android.

    Andriod stuff has some the stuff you talked about imo dont work anywhere as good or as reliable as it does on apple devices.
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    Sorry for the thread resurrection, but one thing that's usually not mentioned is that Apple makes it virtually impossible for 3rd parties to repair their (not your) products, be it their phones, tablet, computers. I'd said 'their' because the Apple product that you 'own' isn't exactly yours in the sense that you can't do any repair work on them unless you've bought Apple Care, IF your phone spoils after the warranty, you'd have to take it to Apple, no 3rd party involvement. Apple wants your money every step of the way.....also, I don't care for their walled-garden ecosystem approach.

    Should my off warrantied Note 10+ need some work done, I can take it to any good mobile phone repair shop (quite a lot in my neck of the woods) and have it repaired, quite often for less (sometimes, a fair bit less) than it would cost me to have done at a Samsung Service Center. IF an iPhone has issues after its warranty period, you would most likely have no choice but to take it to Apple...and bear whatever cost they charge (a real money maker for Apple if I ain't wrong).

    I've always been an Android man, but my needs are pretty simple, and have bought LG (before they gave up), Sony, but am now fully into Samsung with a Fold 2, a Flip 3 and a Note10+, as well as a Tab S5e....also have a Mi Max 3 and a Mi Pad 4, Android all the way!
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    Android man here too. Outside of experience with the OS it is the platform that is closest to bringing the aspects of PC I love most to mobile
    Android is great for media - lots of phones have great screens, stereo speakers, expandible storage, 3.5mm input as well as usb-c, IR blaster and other bits I regularly use.

    Broken a fair few phones, getting parts and replacing them is easy and cheap, screens cheap and fixable at home a lot of times.
    Can edit functionality of OS at any level with most handset manufacturers. Lots of custom ROMs to make experience better or bring new life to old devices.

    Get to buy lots of phones for 1/4 price of Apple's and get a decent performing machine with insane battery life, at 1/2 price of Apple you can find top spec handsets without much trouble.

    As for ecosystem, tbh most of my work still uses MS office as a central platform and the android iterations of software like outlook and teams works as desired. A lot of my colleagues use iPhones, no noticeable difference in work place imo

    Not sure about the whole malware situation on Android Vs Apple, not within my personal experience over 12 years using android but that is purely anecdotal.

    Android is also now becoming a great platform for games too and decently priced, have a lot of now in my library. I'm sure similar for iOS but cannot compare directly

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    The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, just released in September, runs WearOS. (android for watches)
    Samsung phones and tablets run Android.
    There is a Windows app called "Your Phone" that is supposed to be able to link an Android phone to a Windows PC....but I refuse to try it and know nothing about it's functionality.
    To my knowledge, whatever you do on an Android tablet or phone, stays with the tablet or phone. There is an app for WearOS that is supposed to let you control a music player on your phone, from a WearOS watch....but I've never tried it.
    Samsung is basically your only option for a company that does Phones, Watches, Tablets and Chromebooks.....
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    I think Huawei has an ecosystem that resembles Apple with their Mate/P series laptop, monitors ,PC, Bluetooth devices etc...

    Personally i use the Huawei Mate 40 Pro and despite the fact that it has no GMS support(can be resolved somehow though not perfect) it's the best phone you can buy easily.
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    Apple owns those too.
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    I also hated apple, but somehow ended up having an iphone, applewatch and airpods pro
    also have an ipad + pencil as I use it when i need to do sketches (I am an interior designer) every now and then

    I dont like the arrogant, douche-ey vibe but gottta admit, how their devices seamlessly integrate is top notch
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    is it match iphone 13 pro max battery?

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