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How many DYI Project you got??

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  1. tsunami231

    tsunami231 Ancient Guru

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    Not sure if this where it should be posted but.

    We all have those and I sure alot of us are slowly get around to to that now that we have lots time staying home so, I fiqure i pick the guru3d brains. seeing it really only forum im i frequent and before it aske the common theme here is money doesnt want be spent by dad to replace these things cause it would be to costly for him.

    1st project
    *Shut the loud squeaking fence up*

    It vinyl/plastic it been 2 hurricane since moved here, 1 hurricane pretty much snapped 3 post, and insurance wasnt gona pay for anything till after 5 grand was payed, which what it was gona cost to replace the whole fence, so we just put hammer a 10x4x2 down middle of those post and now the post are fine. but we have atlest 4 other post that do move in sway with light wind, Because the post are moving it causing the rails that in post moving and in and out post which in turn cause squeaking.I used WD40 in post open and rails that sliding in out it quieted it but wont last when it rains

    Was thinking flex shot on the post open and rails, but not sure if that good idea. Any idea on how to shut the squeak up? but basicly the rails that go in to post are sliding in and as the posy sways in the wind.

    2nd Project
    *Door that pop open among other things.*

    This house has alot door that , that are or not flush with wall as such dont close right and hear them creaking when you go to close them. quite of few of them will pop open, if you dont hear "click" "pop" in place when closing it. I tried moving the plate the door lock goes in but still happens. and this happens on bathroom doors.

    Some doors will litterly swing open, and I already took the pin that go in the hinges and bent them to stop it but still seem to happen, and Idont want to bend said pins more cause they really are bent and you see it in the hindges how bent is is, not even sure i be able to get pins out at this point.

    Anyone have idea's?

    3rd Project

    *Fridge that loud and constantly on*

    IT very loud it always on too, was thinking make getting board and lining it with sound damper padding and putting it behind fridge. I also think when compressor in it is on and it almost always on it making pulsating hum Clearly audible in my room when I next wall and one ear is pointing in the direction for fridge. it also audible stand in hall another room. but soon as you stand next to the fridge you cant hear cause noise from the fridge is that loud ( and no no noise no in my room or other rooms i hear it it, Cause I turned off and unplugged everything in said rooms and noise was there) that and if I have some unplug the fridge when I can hear the hum pulsating it stops.

    Any idea?

    4th Project

    I need to go around all windows in the house on the out side and use flex shot to fill in cracks in the wood on the outer side of window it surrounds.

    5th Project

    *Light Switch that you can hear an electric arch noise happen when switch on.*

    Now this something I wont mess with cause it electric even if I cut power, so my dad been trying fiqure this out. seeing he always done this stuff him self.

    it dual switch, and from what my dad can see when cut power and tried to fix this is.

    The power is connected to "fan" switch which is jumped to "light" switch now the light switch is what making the electric arch noise when it switch on and some time you can light arch when noise is made from behind the plate in dark room when it switch on. Now this switch for the light was swaped out it still happens. so not sure what causing the electric noise and arch. there both grounded.

    Anyone out there good with this stuff got idea?

    How many project you got around the house? and how many have you got around too.
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  2. anticupidon

    anticupidon Ancient Guru

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    Had some things to fix, some were done, some will wait until HomeDepot or alike will be open to get materials.
    I'm itching to make a small wood enclosure for a pFsense box, never got the time to create the model in Sketch and buy the materials.
    Or modify an existing case and mod it to my linking. I'm on the verge to make that case, or rather buy an used HP T7300 thin client and use it as router.
  3. Brasky

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    I have a similar issue with a fridge, luckily it's under warranty. But for an older refridgerator people say "cleaning the coils" or removing the dust from the interior may help.
  4. sverek

    sverek Ancient Guru

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    Not really a project, but replaced upper mounts for suspension on the car. Bought some special tools for the work and parts. Still much cheaper than asking mechanic to fix it for me.

    Fixed rumbling noises when riding on even unroad. Probably the most fun thing I done for the car this year.
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